Logo Design For Temilola

This is my logo design for temilola.com, a web solution provider that offers online advertisement services for business growth projected to overtake art print, Television and radio advertisement.

This web marketing service is sure to give your business the right exposure without losing your ad budget. You'll have the opportunity to create massive awareness for your business and increase sales.

As entrepreneurs, being effective requires staying in front of your customers; as it happens, your customers are online, so you should always be too.

To sell your product you'll need buyers. With the internet, social media is one of the right place to get active buyers, that will not hesitate to buy your product, most especially online product.

Now feed your eyes on this logo design as you jeep a date with Ehroo expecting more unique graphics.

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What You Need To Know About Your Logo

Generally, to the public, a logo serves as an instant reminder of a company, business or product. To the business man or business owner, a logo is a point of recognition differentiating its business/product from other brands. To us designers, it has always been challenging to incorporating client’s ideas into one single design.

See, there are millions of logos designed out there, and this at times becomes challenging to come up with something different. How do you come up with a high-quality logo free from copyright and meets all what your company/business stands for? How do you get a logo that gets noticed and remembered?

In this article, we will be looking at what you should be expecting to have as your logo. Continue reading and maybe you might come up with a good concept on designing your own logo.

Good concept for a logo can come from anywhere, anything but not from just anybody; one cannot casually expect to buy a Photoshop or Corel Draw software and start designing what comes to mind the moment it is installed. There’s much more to that, and that’s what most designers are doing wrong.

A creative logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form, and carries an intended message. To do these, it must follow the basic 

SIMPLICITY. A simple logo is easily recognizable and can be used across any colored background, thus, making branding easier and more attractive.

ENDURING. An enduring logo should stand the test of time, the logo should be “future indemnified” meaning that it should still be effective in say 10, 20 to 50 years’ time.

MEMORABLE. There is every need for your logo to strike a connection in the hearts of your customers. When they hear of your product the first thing that should come to their minds is your logo. Following closely behind the principle of simplicity, memorability comes next, and a memorable logo can be effective if it follows the simplicity principle.

VERSATILITY. A logo with this principle should work across variety of mediums and applications. There will come a time when the business will need to expand branding due to growth, this principle will effectively work for you.

Like I said before in the beginning of this article, there are millions of logo designs out there. Do well to avoid using ready-made templates to re-create your brand. 

Trust your designer; you’ll seek for another logo design in a hurry! A logo consists of two elements; a wordmark and a symbol. Whether your brand can use a logotype depends on the kind of name the brand has.

If after this you still think designing a logo is simple and an easy task, please think again. There’s more to representing a brand’s visual identity than just placing a name in a square and calling it a day. In fact, designing a logo is not a day’s job, every masterpiece requires adequate time.

At this junction, I will advise you get a professional designer to design your brand. Leave the job to a professional, TRUST YOUR DESIGNER! He is responsible for creating design solutions that have visual impact. His role involves listening to clients and understanding their needs before making design decisions.

Ehroo.com offers professional and unique logo at affordable price with unlimited revison. Maximum satisfaction and 100% money back guarantee... You can order through my Fiverr profile. What are you waiting for? ORDER NOW!
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Banner Design For 247stories

Hi... welcome to Ehroo, its nice having you read this post. Here's my recent design. A banner for 247stories. Continue reading and you'll know more about this piece.

247stories is a online storyteller. 247stories is a site dedicated to storytelling. Varieties include; African stories, from fiction to non fiction, romantic stories, sex stories, comedy, thriller, true life stories and many more.

Client needed this banner to run adverts, and wanted simplicity, yet colorful design. 336×280 in size.

Client retain all rights to this banner. All rights are reserved... HEY! What do you think about the design?

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Barka De Sallah!

Today 24th September, 2015. I happily, joyfully, honestly, with Jesus joy in my heart... okay, that's enough! I want to wish all my Muslim friends out there Barka De Sallah!

Seriously, when i hear the word "Sallah" all that comes to my mind is "ram" "meat" and more meat. It's that time of the year again when my friends are generous with meat, lovable to the bones... they've been all that on an ordinary day but this day just adds something else to it. Is it the ram?

Now that i am identifying myself with you all today, will i get any meat? will i be part of the dining and wining? #Seriously! i want the taste of meat on my buds.

Well now you know what inspired the image on this post. But still, am curious... Please someone clearify this, what is "Sallah?"
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Creative Logo Design For HotBox!

Here's my creative logo design for HotBox. This was one of my challenging designs. One, because i needed to think up something on the logo. Two, the client's idea was unprofessional for a logo and couldn't stand as an identity for his brand. Three, the logo took more time than i expected.

Client wanted a the logo in the shape of a box, and gave a rough idea of what he wanted. I succeeded in designing this:

easy to read
simple to understand
attention grabbing

So, what do you think about HotBox?

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Line Art for Miriam - IG: @mz_claire

This is a good one, Line art for Miriam a.k.a @mz_claire. Thought of doong something nice to make a friend smile. She actually did smile. Literally!

It was very unsual, yea. I had lots of challenges putting this together. Weird to a hear a graphic designer say that right? #Lol, lets face it... we designers aint magicians.

I spent approximately 3hours and 30minutes on this one. Mostly trying to make the hair realistic and match the skin tone, since the person in the picture is undoubtably dark and lovely. Miriam!!! i think she heard me, you can add her on instagram @mz_claire.

Original photo used for the art (above). You can feed your eyes and compare both. Do well to drop a comment.
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Anatomical Logo That Shows Which Organs Of Your Body Are Affected By Drinking Coke

Following the recent design by a Nicaraguan artist, Fabio Pantoja, his anatomical coke logo shows the parts of your body/organs that are affected from excessive consumption of coke. According to Fabio, his main purpose of designing the logo is to see if he can stop consuming the product, as a Coca-cola lover.

"More than a critic to CocaCola, it's a critic to myself, to see if I can finally stop drinking this poison once and for all!"

This logo just put me in a bad relationship with this drink. After seeing this, i wonder how much quantity i have actually consumed since i found love in it. How much damage has it caused already? This logo just showed me how coke has been unfair to me in exchange for my money. Do you still want to consume another bottle of coke?  
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Facebook to Introduce Dislike Button

Finally! I’ve always waited for this, and voila, we’re all expecting it anxiously. Mark Zuckerberg; Co-founder and CEO of Facebook, recently announced its current development to add a dislike button to Facebook. Following the high request for a dislike button from Facebook users, Mark gave a reply during a question and answer section in Menlo Park, California.

 “Probably hundreds of people have asked about this, and today is a special day because today is the day that I actually get to say we are working on it, and are very close to shipping a test of it”.

Precisely in 2009, users have requested for a “dislike” button. All with different motive on its usage. But don't worry, Facebook isn't going to be an online fight club where people will use the dislike button to vote down others posts

The first impression to most people about adding a "dislike" button to Facebook would be to hurt someone by voting down their post, isn't it? Mark explained that, the button is to come into place when one wants to express empathy, not every moment is a good moment.

"It doesn't make sense, whenever someone reports the death of a child and you see someone has 'liked' this, -everything is weird about that".

As of now, only Facebook has an idea of what the button will be like as it is still in its testing stage. It's still unclear whether it'll be called a "dislike". Till then, keep in touch.

Before you leave, what's your view about this new soon to come update?
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Have You Seen The New Google Logo?

Have you seen the new Google logo? As of the last few days Google release its new modification on its identity. Google is one of the leading web in the 21st century and meeting up to its identity is top priority.

Google has come up with modifications of its logo over the years. Personally, i prefer the new one to the previous one. The first logo below was Google's previous identity. You can see the difference between the previous and the current logo, the second one.

Most people will not find this new modification worthy to stand as a new identity for Google because the logo is not "shouting" and all that. But i love the simplicity of this logo, though it retained its initial colors, nevertheless it stands out!

The Favicon is not left out, i love the new "G" than the old "g". It also combines all from the main logo.

I'm sure the logo designers have a very good reason for the new design... up to you all now, what's your take on the new logo?
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Logo Design for Grill 'n' Buns

Grill 'n' Buns is a Nigerian owned restaurant which specializes in producing snacks, mostly burgers and Buns to its valuable customers.

The restaurant aimed at serving edible, delicious, and mouth watery snacks to satisfy your cravings. I personally love this service because am a fan of burger and all sort of snacks, so far it smells delicious and looks appetizing #Lol

The logo you see was designed to grab attention at first sight. Before this project began, i wanted the logo to look eatable. After all was said and done i added a drooling cheese underneath the design.

The packaging shows how the logo will look on an actual burger package, preferably box packaging.

Enjoy munching on the logo... have a "snacky" day!
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Banner Design for Marketing

Hi there, good to have you on #Ehroo today. Have you seen the 728×90 bannersin this post? Great! This banners were designed to promote the services of an internet marketer online.
First banner is for a PROMO on buying Blogsppt/Blogger Blogs with custom domain names at a giveaway price. Having a blog may not seem like important to you but it will stand as an asset to you in the long run.

Second banner is for an online and offline writing course..

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Simple Follow Me Social Media Buttons

As an internet marketer, getting a large number of traffic from the social media depends on your effective engagement on each of these media. The social media is quiet a large platform, if you can manipulate it to your advantage, your business as an internet marketer would be successful.
I spent most of my time trying to get a social media follow button that would meet my taste, but i decided designing one myself after my search ended up being unfruitful.

That's it... copy below code and place in the HTML section of your blog/website

<a href="http://facebook.com/ehroo"><img height="100" width="100" alt="facebook" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-GgPAG9In5Aw/Ve4bZFpUdlI/AAAAAAAABek/JKtch0xNPPo/s200/facebook-icon-ehroo.png" /></a>
<a href="http://twitter.com/johnnieode"><img height="100" width="100" alt="twitter" src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-AqKXfVtuYOs/Ve4bae4ESqI/AAAAAAAABe0/ZQ4fqr4SwXI/s200/twitter-icon-ehroo.png"/></a>
<a href="http://plus.google.com/ehroo"><img height="100" width="100" alt="google+" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-LRx4M68dRNk/Ve4bZX7wQTI/AAAAAAAABes/bnYKgLwLYTI/s200/googleplus-icon-ehroo.png"/></a>
<a href="http://feeds.feedburner.com/ehroo"><img height="100" width="100" alt="rssfeed" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-J3VYSefhqdQ/Ve4bZGvs2bI/AAAAAAAABeo/CRZd5omhR_U/s200/rss-feed-icon-ehroo.png"/></a>

replace facebook.com/ehroo with your facebook page ID
replace twitter.com/johnnieode with your twitter ID
replace plus.google.com/ehroo with your google+ ID
replace feeds.feedburner.com/ehroo with your feed URL

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Logo and Business Card Design For Hadi Migration

Hadi Migration is a migratiin agency firm based in Perth, Australia, and privately owned and operated by Hadi Assanteh.

The agency is geared towards providing complete immigration solutions for people migrating to Australia.

The agency provides a comprehensive monitoring and compliance services to ensure that all obligation are being met. undertaking an immigration audit is an essential business "health check". So if you're in need of migration service to Australia, you can reach the agency through hadi-migration.com.au

Included in this post is the logo and business card (double sided) designed for Hadi Migration. The agency has full right over this designs and unauthorized use is highly prohibited.

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Ebook Cover Design For Nadex Trader

Good day all, here's an eBook design for a Forex Trader titled "Nadex Trader Reveals Secrets" by James Gober.

This eBook contains all the secret you'll need to succeed as a trader (according to the author). Looking at the cover, it conveys what the book is intended for. it carries (if not all) elements associated with Forex trading.

Included in this article is the 3D version (up) and 2D version (below) of the cover. this cover was created without the use of clip-arts, all images were illustrated and used to achieve this output.

The author of this book retains all rights to the cover, any unauthorized use is highly prohibited.

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Banner Design For Platinum Dental Surgery

Platinum Dental Surgery is a dental clinic that offers dental services to its clients. The clinic is geared towards providing an environment of people living with healthy teeth.

The clinic needed an online exposure and required a couple of banners designed, banners which will grab attentions and in different sizes:

The banners were designed differently and in different sizes. Sizes include 728×90, 160×600, and a mobike version of size 320×50.

These banners reflects the clinic's background and conveys the intending message. The choice colors were chosen by designer for attractiveness which is intended ti grab more attention.

All rights have been passed doqn to the clinic, Platinum Dental Surgery. Unauthorise use is highly prohibited.
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