Logo Design Tips For Beginners

As a beginner there are things you need to adhere to. Certain logo rules you must take into consideration as you commence your logo design process. I’m not going to bother you with long talk, so we’ll just go straight to the main course of this article.

Think Big. To win the hearts of your consumers/audience you need a memorable logo, not just combination of symbols and texts, but thinking something big that will capture the minds of consumers/audience. This process can determine the success or failure of the business in the sense that, a big logo can compete favorably in the big leagues (brand market).

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Your Use of Text. Your choice of text or typography is very important. Would you take MTN seriously if they used Comic Sans as their font? Fonts have their own personality and they explain to the audience what they should expect from the brand.

Look at Your Logo From Every Angle. Your logo may look fine and sexy after designing against a white background, but this logo will probably go on marketing materials. You should see from every angle how the logo blends perfectly with any background color before you conclude your project.

Use of Color. Color means a lot when it comes to designing a logo. They give meaning to everything you see. Do you think the logos of those popular brands out there would look great if they switched colors with their biggest competitor? (Absolutely, not!). Then you must know what every color means on its own and how best to use it.

Avoid Rainbow Colors. 95% out of the world’s top brands use one or two colors for their logo. If you must use multiple colors, make sure those colors are compatible with each other and also see to it that the logo will do well in a single color.

Be Original. Don’t copy another designer’s work. There is nothing with checking out the work of other designers for inspiration. Learn from their style and carve a unique style for yourself. You don’t need to have a one-on-one interaction with them before you can be as good as they are. Copying other people’s work or ideas is just undeniably wrong. Stay original!

Use of Symbols/Characters. Like I said before, a logo is more than just the combination of texts and symbols. It goes far beyond that. A tiny displacement in its character/symbol will change the general idea of the logo. Be smart and precise with your logo.

Use White Spaces Appropriately. White or negative spaces are hidden characters in a logo, they carry intended message about the logo and most of all make the logo look unique. It gives your logo balance and can act as another element without crowding the logo. See example of negative space logo below

Use of Effects. Avoid the use of irrelevant effects. Go easy on the use of effects. Less is more and these effects might just complicate things.

Keep it Simple. The simpler the logo the more recognizable it will be. The simpler the logo, more beautiful it will be. So now, keep it simple and real.

Stick to these simple rules, it’s just a matter of time before you’ll become good as a logo designer

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