Income Splash: Logo Design

Income Splash, Haven of Digital Marketing Strategies... Yeah! you read correctly.

This is my just-concluded project. Worked on this days, brainstorming and trying to come up with something new.

Continue reading to see the design brief...

Logo Brief. Income Splash had a redesign of its website and needed a rebrand/redesign of its logo.

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The design process is a very tricky one. I wanted something different from the normal splash icon used in the old logo. The "IN" in "Income" would do better.

old logo
It took some time to come up with a logo concept that will stand out among the normal trend of this niche. It took about 2 hours to actualize the sketch/idea and trying to bring it to life.

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The sketch evolved into this new logo, resized for web and adapts well to color changes and any background.

Resized for web

Leave a comment. What do you think about this logo?