Reasons You Should Date a Graphic Designer

Someone will say, "can anything good come from dating a Graphic designer?" well, normally I would just sit and allow my work do the talking. But this question has been floating into my ears recently.

There are advantages of dating a graphic Designer, if or not you choose to see them. They are just smiling right in front of you. Continue reading and see what what I have been able to gather from myself and other Graphic designers.

Busy Schedule
We are too busy with our work to think about other girls in the world! So relax dear, we won't cheat on you. Thinking about another girl is like adding a pile-load of work to what we already have.

Good Event Planners
We would never let special event pass. Your birthdays, Valentine's day, even Chocolate days to "love-your-girlfriend-more day". We have them covered and well planned for when it comes to planning for the event and making you feel special and happy.

Make-up Artist
No need to worry about how you look in a picture. You'll never upload your pictures on social media without thorough editing. I mean, we want you to always look extremely good for us.

Store-house of Patience
You can fight all you want with us, as we have a lot of patience. Since we don't worry spending a lot of time; days, weeks and even months working on projects.

When it comes to romance, we have a different kind of romantic sense, but don't worry... We love colorful surroundings, nature and we would love to take you to such places. We are very creative and innovative, so you'll have many surprises to look forward to.

Aside our busy schedule, we always find time for the things we love and those things that matter to us. We are entrepreneurs, we love to stand on our own. We are very intelligent, clever and can sound geeky at times... Alright, there you have it, do you think we stand a chance?