5 Things You Should Never Tell a Graphic Designer

Hello beautiful people, hope you met this post well. Quietly, I have been concealing this issue and now I want to discuss it opening. I'll be revealing some don't to you on things you should never say or ask from a graphic designer. As much as we love to play around with pixels, we also dislike some certain things when it comes to doing business.
Continue reading g and I'll show you some of those things that will make your Graphic designer mad. Here they are... Are you ready?

Can you send a draft of the design?
I would always tell clients, "I don't do business that way". You've seen my portfolio, you should know the level of uniqueness to expect. Asking for a draft or sample before payment places you on a suspicious scale; you either have trust issues or you have no intention to pay.
It's easy, It'll only take a minute
Most people think we are magicians. My friends personally think am one of those people that waves a wand at my computer and designs begin to fall into place. Creativity cannot be rushed. If you want the best for what you're paying for, give it time.

That guy wants to do it for less the price
Yes-yes and yes! We know that other guy will do, or agreed to do it for less. Buh, we've place value to what we can do. If you love the creativity and style of a graphic designer, never compare him with others. There is always someone to do the job for less the price and in low quality. Consequently, you'll get what you pay for. We won't be apologetic about our pricing; if you believe there's value in our work, you'll pay for it. 

I'll give you exposure
Tell a Graphic designer you'll give him exposure in exchange for a free design and I bet you he would go kung-fu on you. We know our onions, so put the exposure aside and pay for your work.

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Please, make the black darker
I had a very awkward and annoying experience once with a client. He wanted white, I gave him white. He argued that the white wasn't "white". After much convincing, he ended up accepting grey in place of white. I wondered if he wanted the white whiter.

If you want a good and healthy relationship with your graphic designer, keep away from these things. We are designers, not screwdrivers. We're not mere tools for executing ideas. Savvy?