Arts of Precious Phungi Juba

It's amazing how much talent Africans possess. I look around and I see people with extra-ordinary gifts, abilities and strong will. Today i bring to you, a talented young man, all the way from the southern part of Africa.

I had the opportunity to ask him few questions, and I hope you don't mind reading about this young individual.

Precious Phungi Juba, a young and unique African from the southern part of the continent, South Africa,  as been into digital painting for three years, having mastered his PhotoShop software/skills.

According to our face of this article, Precious. He said, "my mom, she's not a painter but she knows how to draw and she used to paint Ndele partners on our house wen i was young. Our studies and calculations have shown that he must have gotten some of his talents from his mother.

According to P-Juba, he entered a competition last year called GoBold Creatives competition which was initiated by Headhoncho and Hunters (Beer company). His design made it to the top 10 finalist in the GoBold Creatives competition.

Despite the fact that Precious Juba is an amazing painter/illustrator. He didn't fail disclose during this interview that he is a 400level student of the University of Johannesburg (as at the time of compiling this article), studying for a B.Sc degree in Geography and Geology. Great right?

Well, everyone is extra-ordinary. Some are coming out to lime light to display what they can offer to the world, and this blog will not stop celebrating such people.

To contact Precious Phangi Juba, you can easily reach him on:
Facebook: Phungi Sugar DaJuba.
Phone/Whatsapp: ‪+27 84 338 2398‬
Twitter & instagram: @SugarDaJuba.
Facebook page: Juba Creatives

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