Join The Bahd Badoo Baddest Giveaway

Hello beautiful and handsome people. So far so good, I've been blown away by your love for this blog, Ehroo says thanks. I plan to give back as an "appreciation giveaway".
Unfortunately, it's going to be in form of a competition. One lucky reader will stand a chance to win a "Cartooned art/picture" from Ehroo, which will be running weekly.
Winner would be decided by their comments. The reader with the highest number of comments weekly takes the prize. So, watch this space as the winner will be announced and contacted at the end of every week.

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How Will This Be Possible?
Don't worry, the blog has an inbuilt commentators widget for monitoring comments. Your comments can't be missed or sold out.

Rules and Regulations to Follow:
Always drop MEANINGFUL comments on Ehroo’s posts. Do not abuse it by leaving more than one comments per post except it’s necessary. (Failing in which may go into spam list)

Always fill in your Name and a valid Email Address if you're not commenting with a Google account. We will contact you via your email address if you’re a winner. Use the same name and email address in each comments, even if you think your name clashes with someone else, do not worry as we filter commenters by email addresses as well (we’ll never share your email address publicly).

Make sure your Google account is active and contains valid contact info. Inability to access this info when you emerge winner might disqualify you.

We advise you comment on newer posts not old posts and Please don’t use Good/Great/Nice post to increase your count (They will not be approved)

Please don’t make Duplicate comment on a post or Droping many comment on a post e.g Now downloading, 80% Downloading, 100% Downloading.. This might get you Ban from the offer without any notice... 

Join the moving train and stand a chance to get yourself cartooned. It's hot - It's sweet - and it's real! "Start Unleashing your comments".