2 Important Things You Are Never Taught in Schools

I'm here wondering, who invented education. Who came up with that idea and what was his motive. I wonder why i studied Almighty formula back then in school, simultaneous equations, and all that. I memorized all sort of formulas which I never even referred back to today.
There are two basic lessons schools are failing to pass to students. Two vital keys and one the reasons most people would go to school in the first place. Take a look at them below...

How to start up a business
95% of scholars graduate from schools with the notion that they'll be working in a big organisation somewhere. It's not bad actually, everyone can dream big. But, would you see it as stupidity if you decide to graduate and start your own business, grow your brand and be an employer of labour? Make sense right?

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Society has made schools believe that there is job available for every graduate, so learning how to start your own business is never included in the syllabus. Schools this days seem like they are educating you to have a job, whereas the main aim should be preparing students towards having a job or having a standard business.

Look at it this way; your GP is only as good on paper. Your skill is what gets you a job, but your creativity is what builds a business for you. Remember that most men in suit are employed by men in jeans, so your education does not guarantee your success. It only compliments it.

How to make money
I would normally think this is where my simultaneous equations, algebra and other formulas will be applicable. But hey, if making money is that difficult, is that why schools neglect making students understand how money is being made? We are thrown into the society where succeeded graduates have no choice but to cultivate ways (dubious or legitimate) of making money. Well, making money is not that easy after all, we've come to learn it the hard way.

Most people will fail to realise that building multiple income streams will help to build wealth. You don't have to be a jack-of-all-trade.

The secret to making money isn't by working at a high-paying job. It's finding creative solutions to peoples' problems, and it doesn't even take a fancy degree to do that. Real money is made when you sell a product or a service, no money gets made until something gets sold.

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What Our Society Has Made Us Believe:
Our society sold us to school and made us forget about education. Our society can't think of success without thinking of education. Don't get me wrong, go to school, and study to be successful. It is foundation for a successful life. Do it for the right reason!

You don't need to be in the top three in your class. Being in the middle is fine as long as your grades are not too bad. Only this kind of person has free time to learn other skills and engage themselves in creative thinking -Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba group. 

The bottom-line here is that, school has been over hyped. When you think success, the first thing that comes to mind is going through school. We're all born entrepreneurs. Wash-off that mentality that there is a job for every graduate after school.

The 21st century has fully evolved. We need to stop seeing education as the only key to success, but rather as a foundation/stepping-stone to success.