An Introduction to John Burgin's Art, Frogboy

I'm a lover of good art, most especially good comic-art. And today, John Burgin brings to you a spontaneous and dramatic ink on paper in a whole new style. If you're seeing or reading this, then the cosmic energy must have brought you here #Lol. Continue reading to find out more... 

John Burgin is a 43 year old American and father of three kids from North Carolina. He loves God and art. Most of his art is inspired by graffiti and comics.

I had time to ask few questions for interview with John Burgin... do you want to know what makes his art so captivating? I knew you'd say yes.

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How Frogboy Originated
Frogboy is a character I created back in 2001 as a story I would tell my oldest son at bedtime. The character has evolved quite a bit. Hopefully, soon I will have a comic ready.

Summary of Frogboy Comic Art
In the near future in Senter City people have put their complete trust in a man named Sir Pence. Promising to build a huge factory in the middle of town on the property once occupied by a thriving church, he has become a savior to people way of life. He controls every aspect of their being, where they live, what they eat, who they associate with. The people rarely give it any thought because the economy is booming and they are comfortable.

The city streets however belong to the scavenger gangs and after dark it is no place for families. Street kids barely in their teens run the night staking their claim to territiories, scavenging for food and shelter. The middle class retreats nightly to the safe bubble zones guarded by robot forces.

One man, an old tired preacher has set up a salvage yard in the heart of the city, looking to make a difference with the people left behind. A small group of scavenger kids have sought shelter at his salvage yard. One kid, called frog could be their leader, but he must decide if he is ready to believe, or would he rather take his chances on the streets. -JB

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Tune In to the story pages and see what happens.

At the Queens University Gallery show

John's Source of Inspiration For Other Art
My other art is inspired by pop culture and uses caricature styling such as my skateboard deck paintings of The Good The Bad and The Ugly, which is a classical western movie featuring Clint Eastwood.

I read a lot of Mad Magazines growing up and became a huge fan of caricature drawings of Jack Davis and Mort Drucker and so i like to make drawings like that. I also love the art of Jamie Hewlett and Jim Mahfood. 

How to Contact John
Anyone can contact me by direct message on Instagram @thejohnnyb73, @frogboyofficial or through email at