Logo creation for a movie website

Who loves movies? I do... Buh I don't know about you. I love epic and adventure movies. Okay look at this; Movies 97%, Football 3%. Don't stone me please.

When I heard the word MovieYah, I was kind of confused at first. What does it mean? Then it narrowed down to what I love doing at my leisure... I'm probably watching a movie while compiling this post #BigGrin

About the logo
I took my time to clearly represent what the brand stands for. A movie strip in the shape of an "M" and a "Y" carved into it.

Check it out at movieyah.com you'll marvel at what you see.

There you have it... I don't know about your love for movies, buh if you hate 'em, bury it and just drop me a comment. What's your say about the logo?