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Logo Design for Informania

Breaking News: Here's a logo design for Informania. A blog dedicated to news, entertainment, etc.
I have taken time to analyse the blog template and came up with this design.

I associated this design with the characteristics and nature of a parrot.

There you have it... take a moment to view the design process below. you are free to feed your eyes.

Now its up to you... what fo you think about the logo?

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Monster - Logo Design and Illustration

My latest project, an illustration that i call MONSTER. A green one-eyed monster, yet slimmy. This monster is a perfect illustration of that one-eyed monster under the bed in your nightmares #Yikes! #Lol.

This green monster had me illustrating for about 2 hours. This monster illustration worka perfectly on black and white and on a black background. Now let me know what you think about my monster...

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Logo Design For Raw Toast

Heeey, you're welcome to read about my new logo design for Raw Toast. Yeah, it's a "badass" toast; as the client puts it. Here's the logo brief that resulted into this design.
Logo Brief. I'm starting a media company called Raw Toast and i need a bad ass logo of a toast and the name in it. We are focusing on gaming and tech.

That's the brief and it involves designing a mascot /character as the logo. The main color of the logo is to be designed in orange and Toast is to retain normal colors.

So, there you have it... What is your comment on this?
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Logo and Illustration For Xclusive Private Detective Services

Here's a recent illustration and logo design for Xclusive Private Detective Services. In the client's brief, client wanted a character that would stand as a logo.

After going through the brief that specifically requires a female character with a brown hair, red lips, a black hat and holding a big magnifying glass that reflects one eye. I came up with this design.

Client wanted a fingerprint as the background, faded-out. As seen in the logo. The faded background clarifies the "curviness" of the character #Lol.

No modification was done has the design reflects fully the client's brief/requirement.

Client retains all right to this design and any unauthorized use will result in copyright infrigement.
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