Packaging Design for Alcohol Cleanser, Diabetes Solution, Smokers Detox

Packaging design ©2021

Check out our packaging design for Alcohol cleanser, Smokers revive, Diabetes solution and smokers detox. 

Healthy life Diabetes Solution. 100% herbal. 

Original heerbal detox for smokers. 100% Natural anti-oxidant for healthier and stronger lungs of smokers. 

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Promotional Designs For TMB Fumigation and Disinfection Services

Check out our designs for TMB fumigation and disinfection services... 

Have you disinfected and fumigated your school, homes and offices yet? 

As you wind down for the weekend, is your home pest, rodent, ant or mosquito free? 

Rat prevention tips... 

Keep foodstuffs in metal or plastic containers with tight fitting lids. 

Keep your rooms and premises tidy. Less clutter means less places to hide. 

Put outdoor rubbish bags in metal bins with securely fitted lids to stop them feeding from contents. 

Do not leave uneaten food outside or around the premises. Clear up immediately after get together. 

Worried about rats? Act quickly to control level of infestation of rats if noticed. Reduce the health risks posed by this rodent. Take practical steps NOW to proof your home or business premises and prevent rat infestation. 

TMB Monday Motivation with TMB Disinfection and Fumigation Services. "Do It Afraid".

Looking for an efficient Fumigation and Disinfection Service Company in Nigeria?Call TMB Fumigations and Disinfection Services at: 2349099660450, 2347010101969

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Promotional Designs For Jubizon Logistics

Check out our designs for Jubizon Logistics Company.
First design for the month of August... "We just want you to calm down, let's handle your procurement for you".

Think procurement and Yuan Exchange, think Jubizon Logistics

Looking for ways to solve your China procurement problems? JUBIZON LOGISTICS got you covered! 

3RMB flat rate per link for all procurement services 

Use Jubizon Logistics as your procurement and Yuan exchanger hotline 

Don't get into an entanglement with poor procurement service and Yuan exchanger. 

For enquiry on Jubizon Logistics, call/WhatsApp: +234-9041581347

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Take Over Music Concert Designs For Upper Room Music Team

Check out our designs for TakeOver music concert for Upper Room music team 31st July, 2020.

Main colour, red, was picked from the logo and a subsidiary colour, yellow, to compliment. 

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Download Saviour By X-Rhymes

Prior to his birthday on the 3rd of November, 2019, X-Ryhmes drops a new single to appreciate God for life, faithfulness and safety. Download Saviour by X-Rymes below:
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Music Art for Enthrone

Music art design for Enthrone by Joy Bassey featuring Ifysongs

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Logo Design For Clean Sounds of Clay

Clean Sounds of Clay is a logo for a music producer. I decided to go for something simple and here you have it.

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Logo and Banner For Boltpay

Logo and banner design for BoltPay. Boltpay is a business built to enhance p2p payment for other small business with low transaction fees and inbuilt payment solution for maximum performance.

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Take Advantage of Your Youth - Book Cover Design

Take Advantage of Your Youth is a book i designed  channeled at empowering Youths in to promising future.

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Packaging Design For Goldmill Cereal

Here is a packaging design i made for Goldmill Cereal. Complete packaging design and ready for print.

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Creative fashion logo for Resplendent Stitches

Hello there... Been working, I mean really working. One of those things I've been up to is creating a brand identity for Resplendent Stitches.
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Official music art for "one more" by Wakemi

Official music art for One More by Wakemi...
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Creative logo design for event planning

Logo design carefully crafted for CY Praise events. An agency that covers your you and give you a stress free event.

I enjoyed myself doing this one. Most especially the part of the logo. The business card is another spice. Time was taken to make sure the design fits the brand.

Take a look, let's know what you have to say through the comment box.
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Creative logo design for Tamunor In.c

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