Anatomical Logo That Shows Which Organs Of Your Body Are Affected By Drinking Coke

Following the recent design by a Nicaraguan artist, Fabio Pantoja, his anatomical coke logo shows the parts of your body/organs that are affected from excessive consumption of coke. According to Fabio, his main purpose of designing the logo is to see if he can stop consuming the product, as a Coca-cola lover.

"More than a critic to CocaCola, it's a critic to myself, to see if I can finally stop drinking this poison once and for all!"

This logo just put me in a bad relationship with this drink. After seeing this, i wonder how much quantity i have actually consumed since i found love in it. How much damage has it caused already? This logo just showed me how coke has been unfair to me in exchange for my money. Do you still want to consume another bottle of coke?