Barka De Sallah!

Today 24th September, 2015. I happily, joyfully, honestly, with Jesus joy in my heart... okay, that's enough! I want to wish all my Muslim friends out there Barka De Sallah!

Seriously, when i hear the word "Sallah" all that comes to my mind is "ram" "meat" and more meat. It's that time of the year again when my friends are generous with meat, lovable to the bones... they've been all that on an ordinary day but this day just adds something else to it. Is it the ram?

Now that i am identifying myself with you all today, will i get any meat? will i be part of the dining and wining? #Seriously! i want the taste of meat on my buds.

Well now you know what inspired the image on this post. But still, am curious... Please someone clearify this, what is "Sallah?"