Have You Seen The New Google Logo?

Have you seen the new Google logo? As of the last few days Google release its new modification on its identity. Google is one of the leading web in the 21st century and meeting up to its identity is top priority.

Google has come up with modifications of its logo over the years. Personally, i prefer the new one to the previous one. The first logo below was Google's previous identity. You can see the difference between the previous and the current logo, the second one.

Most people will not find this new modification worthy to stand as a new identity for Google because the logo is not "shouting" and all that. But i love the simplicity of this logo, though it retained its initial colors, nevertheless it stands out!

The Favicon is not left out, i love the new "G" than the old "g". It also combines all from the main logo.

I'm sure the logo designers have a very good reason for the new design... up to you all now, what's your take on the new logo?