Line Art For The Founder of Income Splash

If you're seeing this, then you're seeing it well. This is a line art for Samuel Adeyinka, founder of
Before you continue, check out the link below

This design took about 4 hours for completion. Real copy of the art below

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Fiverr - Professional Graphic design Services

Fiverr is one of the largest online marketplace for all kinds of services starting at $5. You'll get services ranging from Graphic design, online marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, advertising, business and many more.

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Introducing to you my services listed on the Fiverr market. Take a moment to check them out... you might eventually need any of the service.

Get a professional logo design from a professional logo designer at an affordable price.

In this service you'll get: a professional logo in JPG and transparent PNG formats, revisions/modifications, maximum satisfaction, NO CLIP ARTS, and 100% money back guarantee. What are you waiting for? follow this to view and order

Are you a writer? Do you need to publish a book? Do you need a book cover, be it an eBook or hard-copy? This gig will give you what you're looking for.

What you get from this service include: An attractive and attention grabbing book cover for Kindle, Amazon, or for print, maximum satisfaction, revisions/modifications, 100% money back guarantee. Hit the link below to view and order

Are you seeking to expand your brand awareness online? Do you need to advertise your product online? Grab this opportunity and get banners of your desired sizes to run your ad campaign.

In this service you'll get: Simple and attention grabbing banners to give your business/product the best ad representation, maximum satisfaction, revisions/modification, 100% money back guarantee. Follow link below to view and order.

Grab this golden opportunity, have your graphic projects designed by a professional graphic designer. HIRE ME!
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Monster - Logo Design and Illustration

My latest project, an illustration that i call MONSTER. A green one-eyed monster, yet slimmy. This monster is a perfect illustration of that one-eyed monster under the bed in your nightmares #Yikes! #Lol.

This green monster had me illustrating for about 2 hours. This monster illustration worka perfectly on black and white and on a black background. Now let me know what you think about my monster...

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ThatSEOTools - Logo and Ad Campaign

My latest project. Designing an online identity and Ad campaign for ThatSEOTools. A website packed with free SEO tools and softwares.

This project took less time than other project i have worked on, because client needed the website launched within a short period and immediately.

Logo Brief. Design a logo and a advertisement banners for, check website for details. Banners are to be in 300×250 and 728×90

Site logo

728×90 banner sizes converted to gif

300×250 banner sizes converted to gif

Facebook Cover banner

Are you a website owner? ThatSEOTools has more than 50 SEO tools ti keep track of your SEO issues and help to improve the visibility of your website in search engines. ThatSEOTools is 100% free and has the following tools/softwares among others:

Article Rewriter
Plagiarism Checker
Backlink Maker
Meta Tag Generator
Meta Tags Analyzer
Keyword Position Checker
XML Sitemap Generator
Robots.txt Generator
Backlink Checker
Alexa Rank Checker
Word Counter
Online Ping Website

What are you waiting for? Explore these free tools and make your site more effective and efficient.
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When Is It The Right Time To Change Your Logo?

Logos are essential elements to a business, wether a small scale or a large scale business. Your logo may not guarantee more sales on your product or services, but it'll give you competitive differentiation from products being produced by your competitors.

This article seeks to describe the scenerios that would warrant for a change of logo. I have carefully listed those major reasons why you shouls have your logo changed. Adjust your reading glasses, grab a comfortable seat  and relax as we go through them together.

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Poorly Designed Logo. Did you design t logo yourself or you hired a novice to design it? Well, most companies/organizations fail to allocate enough budget to design a unique identity. They fail to realize that a logo gives recognition in the market and stirs the feel of value and trust in the cusumers.

When The Business Expands. As the company grows to acquire new position in a different market. It finds a way into a new market. This is the right time to revitalize your logo. The descision here would be, "which part or element of your current logo should be retained?"

When Two Companies/Businesses Merge. When two organizations merge and there is a need for a new name. This calls for a new logo to represent the newly formed association.

Is Your Logo Timeless? Can your current logo retain its value for the next decade? Big brands like Coca-cola and Google slightly change in the past, but these changes never affects the main/original idea of the logo, just a little modern feel to it as time passes.

Your Logo Is Outdated. Your fonts or logo icon has a "grand-pa" feel to it (Ouch!). You need a new and modern feel to it without necessarily changing the design completely.

Compatability With Modern Technology. Does your logo scale well during printing? Most times, multi-colored logos are more technical and costly to print and this can be the right reason to have your logo changed.

There you have it. 6 appropriate time and reasons as to when you should have a new identity for your business. Don't get me wrong... there are logos that have existed for over 50years without change, depending on certain factors. This depends on the category of the business, like fashion. Unlike others, like technology.

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Logo Design For Raw Toast

Heeey, you're welcome to read about my new logo design for Raw Toast. Yeah, it's a "badass" toast; as the client puts it. Here's the logo brief that resulted into this design.
Logo Brief. I'm starting a media company called Raw Toast and i need a bad ass logo of a toast and the name in it. We are focusing on gaming and tech.

That's the brief and it involves designing a mascot /character as the logo. The main color of the logo is to be designed in orange and Toast is to retain normal colors.

So, there you have it... What is your comment on this?
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eBook Cover Design For Gluten Free Recipes: Goodbye Grains

I love food! most especially pasteries, you can imagine that warm feeling inside you as you try to pour out your love for food graphically. See how much love for food i have? The design shows it, isn't it...?
Here is an eBook design for a book titled "Goodbye Grains", featuring 50 delicious gluten free recipes. #Yhuum!

The cover is to be used for online promotion and sale of the book content on Amazon. The dimension/size of the design conforms directly with Amazon requirement. The 3D version of the design is not needed by client. The design needed to look less official and look more homely and appealing to the book readers.

The client retains all rights to the design of this cover.

You need something like this? Don't wait too long... contact me now for your own design or order my service through a trusted third party site, HERE

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Logo Design For Tengio Mobile Consultancy

Here's the newest addition to my logo design, and i introduce to you #DrumRoll the final design and brand identity for Tengio Mobile Consultancy. Adjust your reading glasses as we go through the brief together.

Logo Brief. Tengio Mobile Consultancy is an agency/association of mobile indie developers incorporated to help contractors craft beautiful code and get rewarded for it. The name, Tengio, is a made up name, made from the contraction of the two founder's name, to stand as an electronic flying dragon.

Services the agency offers include. Developing and optimizing native Android or iPhone applications. Run-time efficiency, reducing package size, and minimizing memory overhead. Beautiful code and well architected apps. Agile development and continuous integration.

The agency proposes its services to be of high quality standards, sustainable, and cost effective. The best of in-house developers without the HR nightmares. Top notch mobile developers on tap!

Tengio represents a relentless pursue of excellence in design and in code, love of technology, fairness to clients and employees, long term engagement and value.

From the brief (summarized version), this logo was born to reflect the agency, its services and what it represents... 
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Logo and Illustration For Xclusive Private Detective Services

Here's a recent illustration and logo design for Xclusive Private Detective Services. In the client's brief, client wanted a character that would stand as a logo.

After going through the brief that specifically requires a female character with a brown hair, red lips, a black hat and holding a big magnifying glass that reflects one eye. I came up with this design.

Client wanted a fingerprint as the background, faded-out. As seen in the logo. The faded background clarifies the "curviness" of the character #Lol.

No modification was done has the design reflects fully the client's brief/requirement.

Client retains all right to this design and any unauthorized use will result in copyright infrigement.
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Logo Design Tips For Beginners

As a beginner there are things you need to adhere to. Certain logo rules you must take into consideration as you commence your logo design process. I’m not going to bother you with long talk, so we’ll just go straight to the main course of this article.

Think Big. To win the hearts of your consumers/audience you need a memorable logo, not just combination of symbols and texts, but thinking something big that will capture the minds of consumers/audience. This process can determine the success or failure of the business in the sense that, a big logo can compete favorably in the big leagues (brand market).

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Your Use of Text. Your choice of text or typography is very important. Would you take MTN seriously if they used Comic Sans as their font? Fonts have their own personality and they explain to the audience what they should expect from the brand.

Look at Your Logo From Every Angle. Your logo may look fine and sexy after designing against a white background, but this logo will probably go on marketing materials. You should see from every angle how the logo blends perfectly with any background color before you conclude your project.

Use of Color. Color means a lot when it comes to designing a logo. They give meaning to everything you see. Do you think the logos of those popular brands out there would look great if they switched colors with their biggest competitor? (Absolutely, not!). Then you must know what every color means on its own and how best to use it.

Avoid Rainbow Colors. 95% out of the world’s top brands use one or two colors for their logo. If you must use multiple colors, make sure those colors are compatible with each other and also see to it that the logo will do well in a single color.

Be Original. Don’t copy another designer’s work. There is nothing with checking out the work of other designers for inspiration. Learn from their style and carve a unique style for yourself. You don’t need to have a one-on-one interaction with them before you can be as good as they are. Copying other people’s work or ideas is just undeniably wrong. Stay original!

Use of Symbols/Characters. Like I said before, a logo is more than just the combination of texts and symbols. It goes far beyond that. A tiny displacement in its character/symbol will change the general idea of the logo. Be smart and precise with your logo.

Use White Spaces Appropriately. White or negative spaces are hidden characters in a logo, they carry intended message about the logo and most of all make the logo look unique. It gives your logo balance and can act as another element without crowding the logo. See example of negative space logo below

Use of Effects. Avoid the use of irrelevant effects. Go easy on the use of effects. Less is more and these effects might just complicate things.

Keep it Simple. The simpler the logo the more recognizable it will be. The simpler the logo, more beautiful it will be. So now, keep it simple and real.

Stick to these simple rules, it’s just a matter of time before you’ll become good as a logo designer

Still having problems designing your dream logo? Hire a professional now and get your logo at affordable price. ORDER NOW!
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WELL DONE: Cartooned Art For Me

Yeeeeeeeeeeeees! You know i love me so much, see how handsome i look in my new art. Gorgeous and cute-looking. Anyways, i made this for self promotion. A man has to advertise his potential every now and then, its good for business.

This design took approximately two and half hours to be completed. No much challenge except that i was trying to select the best suit and shoes to go with the colour of my eyes. #Lol

Now, someone said i look dressed for a dinner party. Thank you. I was actually dressed for a date and the sight of the pretty lady made me strike that pose.

Hopefully, for those wanting a tutorial on how to create line arts or how to cartoon yourself, i am working on that. I'll have that soon.

Another peep at the image, focus on the handsome dude. You love me? Aaaaaaaaaaw! I love me tooooooo!
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KFC Rebrand, New Versus Old Logo

Hey! Chicken lovers. Sure you've all heard of Kenturky Fried Chicken, KFC. See as they rebrand to a full retro logo. The current logo is not far from the previous one and so did nit deviate from the main idea of having the face of the founder as the main mascot of the logo, Colonel Sanders.

Old and new logo above. Spot the difference? I know you do. Everything about the rebranding went from simple to simpler. Less is more!

This way, i see the mascot siiting well on any packaging material/surface, colour can easily blend into any background.

This rebranding affects the packinging, KFC stores both interior and exterior designs, and this has begin to take effect across all outlets, internationally.

The whole rebranding idea did not change the taste and value of KFC, it's still as yummy as ever.
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Happy Independence, Nigeria at 55

A happy independence day to all Nigerians, as we celebrate Nigeria at 55, today 1st October 2015. #DrumRoooooooooll.

Its been a long time coming but thanks to God for another year added in unity and strength. You might think the nation us not where its suppose to be, but see, we are nit where we use to be. We're moving forward.
Cold-chill ran down my spine as the game of 2015 presidential election played, i pictured a Nigeria in war and anarchy. But the finals proved beyond doubt that there's nothing more life can throw at us that we can't control or survive in.

I know most people will say, "Nigeria is a failure". But we believe in Nigeria. As long as those who believe, remains loyal to the nation, progress will take its due course.

I'm here smiling and saying in The President's voice... "Afi baiday my fiful!" I'll just seat down here, enjoy my groundnut and avoid eye contact.
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