KFC Rebrand, New Versus Old Logo

Hey! Chicken lovers. Sure you've all heard of Kenturky Fried Chicken, KFC. See as they rebrand to a full retro logo. The current logo is not far from the previous one and so did nit deviate from the main idea of having the face of the founder as the main mascot of the logo, Colonel Sanders.

Old and new logo above. Spot the difference? I know you do. Everything about the rebranding went from simple to simpler. Less is more!

This way, i see the mascot siiting well on any packaging material/surface, colour can easily blend into any background.

This rebranding affects the packinging, KFC stores both interior and exterior designs, and this has begin to take effect across all outlets, internationally.

The whole rebranding idea did not change the taste and value of KFC, it's still as yummy as ever.