Logo Design For Tengio Mobile Consultancy

Here's the newest addition to my logo design, and i introduce to you #DrumRoll the final design and brand identity for Tengio Mobile Consultancy. Adjust your reading glasses as we go through the brief together.

Logo Brief. Tengio Mobile Consultancy is an agency/association of mobile indie developers incorporated to help contractors craft beautiful code and get rewarded for it. The name, Tengio, is a made up name, made from the contraction of the two founder's name, to stand as an electronic flying dragon.

Services the agency offers include. Developing and optimizing native Android or iPhone applications. Run-time efficiency, reducing package size, and minimizing memory overhead. Beautiful code and well architected apps. Agile development and continuous integration.

The agency proposes its services to be of high quality standards, sustainable, and cost effective. The best of in-house developers without the HR nightmares. Top notch mobile developers on tap!

Tengio represents a relentless pursue of excellence in design and in code, love of technology, fairness to clients and employees, long term engagement and value.

From the brief (summarized version), this logo was born to reflect the agency, its services and what it represents...