When Is It The Right Time To Change Your Logo?

Logos are essential elements to a business, wether a small scale or a large scale business. Your logo may not guarantee more sales on your product or services, but it'll give you competitive differentiation from products being produced by your competitors.

This article seeks to describe the scenerios that would warrant for a change of logo. I have carefully listed those major reasons why you shouls have your logo changed. Adjust your reading glasses, grab a comfortable seat  and relax as we go through them together.

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Poorly Designed Logo. Did you design t logo yourself or you hired a novice to design it? Well, most companies/organizations fail to allocate enough budget to design a unique identity. They fail to realize that a logo gives recognition in the market and stirs the feel of value and trust in the cusumers.

When The Business Expands. As the company grows to acquire new position in a different market. It finds a way into a new market. This is the right time to revitalize your logo. The descision here would be, "which part or element of your current logo should be retained?"

When Two Companies/Businesses Merge. When two organizations merge and there is a need for a new name. This calls for a new logo to represent the newly formed association.

Is Your Logo Timeless? Can your current logo retain its value for the next decade? Big brands like Coca-cola and Google slightly change in the past, but these changes never affects the main/original idea of the logo, just a little modern feel to it as time passes.

Your Logo Is Outdated. Your fonts or logo icon has a "grand-pa" feel to it (Ouch!). You need a new and modern feel to it without necessarily changing the design completely.

Compatability With Modern Technology. Does your logo scale well during printing? Most times, multi-colored logos are more technical and costly to print and this can be the right reason to have your logo changed.

There you have it. 6 appropriate time and reasons as to when you should have a new identity for your business. Don't get me wrong... there are logos that have existed for over 50years without change, depending on certain factors. This depends on the category of the business, like fashion. Unlike others, like technology.