Logo Design for Informania

Breaking News: Here's a logo design for Informania. A blog dedicated to news, entertainment, etc.
I have taken time to analyse the blog template and came up with this design.

I associated this design with the characteristics and nature of a parrot.

There you have it... take a moment to view the design process below. you are free to feed your eyes.

Now its up to you... what fo you think about the logo?

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Email Signature Design for Keller Williams Reality

An email signature is very important tool in intenet marketing. They contain some info about your business, add beauty to your emails and makes you look professional.

Check this out...

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Flyer Design For FECA

Howdy! Here's a flyer design for FECA, Federation of Colleges Ex-students' Christian Association. It's a flyer for a Xmas Carol Experience.
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Maximizing Your Potentials - New Anointing Chapel

Flyer design for a youth program at New Anointing Chapel, City of God. Themed: Maximizing Your Potentials...
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Become a Millionaire - The Role Playing Game [Book Cover Design]

Take a look at this... What do you see? I felt so much energy doing this one,  and I hope you feel the same going through this work. 

Thanks for popping in, #Ehroo says welcome... Here is a book cover design for a play. Continue reading and you'll know more about this design.

Brief. The book title is Become a Millionaire - The Role Playing Game: the medieval edition by Alex Samayoa. I'm thinking of an image of the character played in the book. The main character starts as a guard and goes through several battles and ends up getting knighted by the king. The purpose of the book is to be printed out and used as a cover on Amazon.

The author retains all rights as to the design of the book.

There you have it... what do you think?

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Flyer Design For a Campus-Fellowship Event

Flyer design for a campus event. Officially designed by Ehroo. You're all invited, save the date, mark your calenders, and drag your friends along.

Campus Aflame Fellowship (CAFel) introduces, Show Me What You've Got! -Carol Service, this December 20th.

Be there... and seriously drag your friends along or i'll personally bounce you out right from the gate! #Lol

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