Curated Art of Kpuri - Featured [Ubiomo Ogheneroh]

If you're reading this, it means you love exploring creative people as much as i do. This is an interview with "bad-ass" graphic artist/designer. I know you'll find this talented young man interesting, as i do. So adjust you reading glasses, grab a might bowl of pop-corn and continue reading...

Q: Firstly tell us a little about yourself
My name is Ubiomo Ogheneroh, A native of Otor-Iyede, Isoko-North in Delta State, Nigeria. A graduate from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I studied Fine and Applied Arts, specialized in Graphics. I believe in my “own judgment” that simplicity is the key to creativity, white is my favorite colour. Am the quiet type, I dislike lousiness in any form. I like sharing new concepts to solve problems. I straightaway love straight-forward and creative beings- individuals who goes all the way to think outside the customary box and leaves the audience dropping their jaws. I believe anything is possible and I encourage diligent people and great thinkers to bring their vision to reality. I love reading motivational quotes, my favourite is don’t do it alone, team up (teamwork). I do a lot of reading, watching, and playing music, my playlists is filled with Gregorian chants, Yanni, Enya, Blues and am a big fan of Reggae. I don’t think I will ever be bored even when am dead. That’s me.

Q: Why graphic design, has it always been something you wanted to pursue?
No. I had always wanted to be a painter – a Nigerian Pablo Picasso. Standing gracefully in an equipped studio, blue overall, brushes in both hands, some stocked in my big afro, the scent of oil paints circulating over the room, varieties of colours dancing on a palette, I really loved fantasizing about that scenario when I was in my first year, I love paintings, I really do. Well, since it is said that “tomorrow is not definite”, my choice of career deviated when I entered my third year to major. I fell in love with the graphics classroom, the neatness, sitting quietly on a desk consulting a gorgeous laptop with ears plugged with white earphone. I conceived myself that whatever I so desired to paint with a brush on a canvas, I can still do with just sitting down in that room, a lot easier and faster and I don’t have to buy paints because with my software it is like Elijah and the jar of flour. Since I already had knowledge on CORELDRAW and can manipulate so many things, it was so cool for me to decide on the path to take.  That’s how it all began.

Q: What are the dispositions of graphic design as a profession?Viewing a graphics designer from the eyeglass of this present century where there is an increase in combine illustration, advertising and typography, branding, packaging and product designing, everything now heading towards digital realm. I think graphics as a profession is one of the lucrative profession for plunge into.  Graphic designing is all about visual communication, and problem-solving through the use of typeface, space, image and color.  A graphics designer is entitled to one of this profession which includes: Brand identity Developer, Broadcast Designers, Logo Designer, Illustrator, Visual Image Developer, Visual Journalist, Interface Designer, Web Designer, Package Designer.

Q: How do you feel about “advertising/branding”?
Well, the sole aim of advertisement is to influence potential customers about a particular product(s) and service(s). Advertising is about communication. It deals with what you have to offer through the means of newspapers or magazines, outdoor billboards, posters, television or even on the internet. An advertisement is said to be successful if there is a gap bridged between the advertiser and the potential customer. Branding on the other hand has everything to do with identity: who are you and what kind of business are you operating? What’s your name (logo)? And How do you and your brand make me feel? Branding a company is what makes your business feel like a person, it gives it a personality. To me I feel it is what defines a business, what the company stands for.

Q: How effective are online platforms for you in terms of designing?
Graphics online platforms are generated for the promotion and showcasing of products. Graphics Design platforms has been effective for me over the years because it creates a forum whereby I have to display my work for thousands of people to view and comment, it is a place for learning and a ground for suggestions, and I can say I have gotten awesome contacts through such platforms and made some sales too of my works. Take for instance the Facebook with over a billion Facebookers, one can easily make his/her design known but firstly the designer must have a targeted audience, not just posting a work to get likes, well likes are good because it encourages the individual but the aim should be to receive positive feedbacks from the audience and make sales. Also, not getting likes from an audience over a design posted should not be a yardstick for you to measure yourself, maybe you are with the wrong audience, and you have to position yourself very well.

Q: What has been your favourite project thus far?
Illustrating series of images on children book has been my favourite thus far. It has been quite challenging but encouraging too. Working on the environment which comprise of a traditional African setting is so much fun for me. Getting the lights and shade, the weather condition and the vegetation. I love doing it with a bottle of chilled cocacola drink beside me.

Q: What would be your ideal design job? (what part of designing do you love most e.g illustration, branding)
I want to be a renowned illustrator. I love illustrating, it gives me an opportunity for creation, deep thinking, connecting and relating one thing to another for a better understanding.

Q: Do you think that graphic designers should specialize in one aspect of graphics?
No. not at all. A graphic designer should have knowledge of different aspects of graphics and graphics software too. That you are an illustrator for instance doesn’t deprive you the chance of branding or editing a movie or design a front cover of a magazine per say. I strongly believe an artist or any one that calls himself one should have a knowledge on the whole aspects of art not just on graphics.

Q: Mac or PC?
PC but am heading towards MAC soon. I already inserted an Apple Laptop for my next birthday.

Q: Which programs do you mainly work with?
I work mainly with CORELDRAW, the layout and templates are so stress-free and straight-forward. If you combine the necessary tools you will definitely have the result you seeking, which is how it is on CORELDRAW.

Designs from Kpuri

There it is, as much as i would love to keep asking the brain behind Kpuri arts more questions, this interview just came to an end. If you find these designs creative as much as i do, you can add him on Facebook for more of his works.