Arts of Chijioke Anyacho | Ball Pen Painting

Ordinary twenty naira biro, ordinary Leo Smart biro of NGN20 did this magic! For the love of my childhood! I mean, I remember those days I suck out my biro ink for fun. But here is someone doing something creative with ordinary biro most of us use for "Centre pole".
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How Entrepreneurs Think When it Comes to Business

Not everyone has the willingness to take risk, organise, develop and manage a business venture in a constantly evolving environment or market place. Not all can turn a simple idea into a profitable business. Those that succeeded have been called Entrepreneurs...
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Arts of Oresegun Olumide

Oh my God! - For the love of Gala and Lacasera... I want you to meet Oresegun Olumide, the young artist who shook the world with his painting. I couldn't help but scream "blood of Jeeeez" on seeing these paintings.
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Chains or Change? - Ben Murray Bruce

I woke up this morning to a tweet that cracked me up. I couldn't stop laugh but had to make something of it.
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Cartoon Design For Samsings (c)2016

So you stumbled on this post, and you're wondering what this is...? This is a cartoon design for a very exceptional young man. I would introduce him further but I'll let the design do the intro.
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What You Should Do When You Have a Creative Block

We all have that moment when ideas just seem like they are at war with us. If there is a word like creativity, then there is definitely a word like "Creative block". Have you ever had a project but for a moment you uncontrollably stare at a blank text document, page, work-space/canvas? Yeah! Every one has that moment, even writers, composers, designers, scientists and so on.
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