Reasons You Should Date a Graphic Designer

Someone will say, "can anything good come from dating a Graphic designer?" well, normally I would just sit and allow my work do the talking. But this question has been floating into my ears recently.
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Logo Design For Cartwright's Cupcakes

Hmmn-Yummy! I can't resist food, especially when it beckons at me. If you're here, then you must be a food lover like me, #Lol.
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4 Things You Should Never Sacrifice For Your Job

We all want to climb to the top of our career, see our businesses flourishing as we've dreamt, and beat our chest saying "we've arrived". In the process of our climb there are things which we tend to ignore and sacrifice just to see that business beats properly.
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Logo Design For Optimark

Hey! Nice of you to drop in... Hope you had no troubles locating here? Alright, now that you're all settled in, here is a logo design for Optimark.
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Logo Design For AngelisTech

Unveiling a new designed logo for AngelisTech... #Voila, angels-on-tech are here. You know what?  I was wondering, are angels really into tech. A peak into this blog proved my point.
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Logo Design For

I introduce to you my latest logo design for, and you're most welcome to go through the design. 

Concord is a multi niche blog ranging from entertainment, education, health and so on.
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