Have You Seen The New Guinness Logo?

Are you sure you've seen or noticed the New Guinness Logo? Well to all lovers of beer, most especially, those who patronize the Guiness brand. I am pleased to inform you of a recent development on the new look of Guinness Logo.

The beer brand launched its new logo after about a decade of being represented with a flat logo. It was faced with the challenge of revamping it's identity without drifting from the  harp heritage, but rather, adding more life to the harp symbol. And so it came up with a new 3D look to tell the brand's history.

This new logo has evolved from previously designed one. From 1862, 1955, 1968, 1997, 2005 and now 2016.

The New Guinness Logo is utterly beautiful and has more feel to it. The details in the logo show professional craftsmanship. Designers reacts lovingly to the new look as all the time, effort and research put into this work wasn't a waste.