How The Internet Has Change My Life

I started exploring the Internet intensively -five years ago, and as far as I've come from that time, I have been able to gather it's positive impact towards my development.
I'll share with my experience and I hope it helps someone out there, in one way or the other.

There's no need to argue this, take it from some who has scouted the Internet looking for something meaningful to do, excitement and legitimate ways of improving my financial status... Trust me, you're sure to get lost, cause the Internet is a very big Planet on its own.

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So many things to mislead you and so many of the good stuff to guide you.
As easy and difficult as it is, I tried both; I tried paid emails, surveys, created mobile sites, lost money, lost my mind and at the end I "received sense". - I found blogging, I knew what freelancing meant, coding and the power of social media.

Take a Look at What Happened:
My online breakthrough started when I came across blogging. In 2012, I dived into blogging and started exploring it for fun till it became a thing for passion. Now it has become a business focus. My blog has become my portfolio where I refer people to when they ask why I spend my time on the internet. I learnt my first set of codes online, basic HTML, and that has help in putting one or two things in order on my blog.

As a freelance Graphic designer, the Internet has been my market place. I have offered my professional advice and services to website designers on their website design projects; designing logos, icons, ad banners, Social media covers etc. Working as a freelance graphic designer on Fiverr has been an unending adventure. Trust me, it gets better.

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Social Media
Someone once said and I quote, "if you spend data on social media daily wasting your time, updating status and liking profile pictures... Receive sense in Jesus name". #Lol. Buh see, with time I came to realize that most businesses are now going cyber and this gave me the opportunity to use this change to my advantage. Social media platforms are not meant for just updating status. Use those status to your advantage. Promote your business, build a customer base, build your brand... No one is actually stopping you.

Well as far as the Internet is concerned you are either making money, losing money or wasting your time. If this breakthrough story has not changed your thinking on how you can use the Internet to your own advantage, please read through again and again until it does.