Open Letter From Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

My fellow Nigerians and neighbouring African countries, I come to you today humbly as the former president of this great nation... I come to you as a once casted and rejected stone, abused and... #Wait!

... #Hold_it! Enough of all this thing, #Ehroo is the masked ex-president. You know what? I look all around and wonder, would this country be any better if the ex-president was re-elected? Deep down "among of the former president's" mind, he'll be like - "una see una life?".

Buh, lemme take these words out of the horse's mouth. It'll sound authentic and look real as you'll be reading. They'll be directly from his heart, just like he's thinking them. 

Do you miss me Nigeria?
When you have to wait for hours in a queue just to buy fuel for your cars and generators, do you miss me?

When you you see that lovely dress, shirt or phone online and you wish to order it in dollars (USD), do you miss me?

When you want to make that call, and that voice at the other end increased its subscription number for hello tunes, from 1 to 11, do you miss me?

Do you miss me when you want to buy oranges but the price are inflated, because the orange seller told you the tray for hawking the oranges was important and affected by rise in dollars.

When your girlfriend has more boyfriend aside you and she says - "It's because the economy is hard, and she needs to suck out more money from other guys to satisfy her needs... Do you miss me?

When your in-laws requests for increase in bride price to cover up for the melting economy, do you miss me?

My dear people, if you say you don't miss me then you're not a Nigerian... You must go just like Ghana! #There_is_God_ooo, I rest my case.

Hope you didn't think of strangling me while reading this? #Lol, but feel free to use the art in this post as your display picture. And don't forget to answer uncle Jonah's questions through the comment box.