See Buhari As The New Johnnie Walker

Please, in the name of Nigeria! We need God to locate this country, possibly this year. But, how can he when our "agent of change" maintains different location? #Shebi?

When your current location is China, you were last seen in USA two weeks ago, your nationality is Nigeria, you are planning another trip, and you say you are fighting corruption. Please is Nigerian corruption on a tour around the world? If yes, please wait for it to come back and we can all fight it together.

I thought people were going insane when they were walking to congratulate Buhari after his election. Little did we know that they peeped into the future and saw a leader who "keeps walking" like Johnnie Walker.

Please, don't judge me too quickly and see things from my perspective. Naija would be a better place if we can actually kill the corruption from within other than chasing those ones that have escaped. #PrisonBreak

Here is a mathematical question for you all... If it takes Buhari 5 months and 6 days to sign a budget drafted by his trustees, which he used 9 months to appoint. How long will it take him to change Nigeria? "Oya start solving".

Buh, just in case you're all planning to elect a new leader, come next election. Do not forget that Ehroo would be contesting as the new agent of change, with double dose of effectiveness. God bless Naijeriya!

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