Why You Should Pray For Nigeria

I will start by saying this, "the thunder that will fire those that are sitting on Nigeria's progress is doing push-ups, gathering momentum and waiting for the right time to strike". Their level of selfishness demands a 2 weeks crusade. 

Come to think of it, when you spell knife, the K is silent. When you say Psychology, it's pronounced "sykology" therefore the P is silent. There are many instances like that in English Language. When i first heard the word PSYCHOLOGY. I spelt "Sychology". I didn't know there was a 'silent' letter "P". What am i really saying? Don't be confused. When President Buhari and APC promised N45 as PMS pump price. We also didn't know there was a "silent" hundred naira before it!

Please, who has that girl's numba. The same girl that gave Abacha apple? I have candidates for her. 

It is easier for those at the top of power to spend over N140,000 on Don perignon that they will shit and piss out in 15 minutes but they'll see it inhumane to increase minimum wage to N100,000. The rate at which things are going... Goats will start barking, Dogs will start mooing, Lions will start bleating, and frogs will start singing.

Soon, we might need to pay to walk the streets of Nigeria, pay to breathe, i might even start paying the government just for saying "hi" to a beautiful girl that is strolling down the street. 

He that has hear let him hear, and he that cannot hear, let him read the writings on the wall. Pray cause the future of your children depends on it. Pray hard till something happens!