Cartooned art for Anthony Chinedu

Here goes a cartooned art for Anthony Chinedu, one of the recent top commentators on Ehroo. Based on the guidelines for the giveaway, this reader has satisfactorily fulfilled all righteousness, lol.
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Logo design for a game podcast

My first logo for a podcast. This was fun though... yes, i said it. Don't be surprised, my designs are spreading wings.
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Logo design for TeckyPlanet

Another stroll with my PC and this logo was the product of the successful walk. Believe me when i say, we had a good time.
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Logo design for Mr Pezza

An illustrative logo that captures most excitedly the facial appearance of my client. As simple as it looks, it involved a lot of work to make sure the design doesn't look more like anybody else but the client.
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Cartooned Art For Chinedu Ngwu

So far, so good... I'll just leave this here and say as a lifetime fan of Ehroo from inception, I present this art to Mr. Chinedu Ngwu of
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Error 404 Page Design

As a Web Programmer, the all-important 404 page is a necessity. It is a responsive page telling the user that they've clicked on a broken link.
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2 Important Things You Are Never Taught in Schools

I'm here wondering, who invented education. Who came up with that idea and what was his motive. I wonder why i studied Almighty formula back then in school, simultaneous equations, and all that. I memorized all sort of formulas which I never even referred back to today.
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An Introduction to John Burgin's Art, Frogboy

I'm a lover of good art, most especially good comic-art. And today, John Burgin brings to you a spontaneous and dramatic ink on paper in a whole new style. If you're seeing or reading this, then the cosmic energy must have brought you here #Lol. Continue reading to find out more... 
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