Creative travel logo design for NigeriaTravelBlog

Take a look at this, i hope you will enjoy every bit of it. It's my design for NigeriaTravelBlog. Continue reading, don't be left out...
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Creative branding design for ADK Consulting

Here is a set of branded materials for ADK Consulting. Take a look at them, i hope you will like them. This is actually my first mockup design. Surprised?!
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Logo design for SpecsPriceNigeria

Hi ya'll. It's good having you here today. I cooked something recently. It's a logo design for a tech blog. Continue reading and you'll get to know more about this design.
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Cartooned art for Loveress

I am happy to present to you, a cartooned art for Ugwu Onda a.k.a Loveress, As the first time winner of our giveaway.
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Logo design for MaverickExcel

Creating an identity image for Maverick Excel was a more "tasky", and it got a lot better because i enjoyed every bit of the journey taken to arrive at this.
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