Proposed logo design for -One of those sites i can't do without reading at least 3 times a week. As a frequent visitor i have made a proposed design for the blog site, and i hope the blogger concerned loves it.
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Creative logo design for

Wait! Hold on... are you seeing this? Of course you can, you're not blind. Then if you're here already take time to read about this design below.
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Health benefits of eating egg [Infographic]

Check out this infographic design on the health benefits of eating egg... Feel free to read the details on the infographic to know what you're missing.
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Creative logo design for an entertainment brand [Beast Entertainment]

Check out this creative logo i did for Beast Entertainment; a fast growing entertainment brand. I had fun designing this one and i hope you have fun checking it out too...
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US elections 2016: Hillary vs Trump

As the U.S elections commenced earlier today, i am very anxious to see who emerges the next U.S president.
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