Banner design tips - designing attractive web banners

You will definitely have a need to create banners, social media covers or kit for self use or for a client.

There are simple techniques to creating unique and attractive banners that will not only wow your audience but also fulfill it's full possess.

Have you ever done something against your will, not because you were forced to but because you couldn't resist it. A well designed banner has that kind of power...

keep it simple
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. So keep it simple. Always think of what to take off the design rather than adding to it.

Avoid making the banner too overwhelming and clumping the whole thing all together.

Your arrangement
Alignment matters a lot. Arrange texts and images in an orderly manner that'll make your banner fun to read and pleasant to the eyes. Make your central message stand out.

Pay attention to margins. All graphics and words should be properly proportioned according to banner size.

Images, Texts and Fonts
Most modern banners according to my personal are made up of 75% image and 25% text. This common trend i believe is more attractive than the usual 25% image and 75% text. If you ask me i'd say, images captures attention more than text.

But if you're left with no choice to apply much text to your banner, use the best image when it comes to image quality. If an image loses quality when stretched do away with it if you cannot perfectly enhance it.

Also consider the fonts, are easy to read or visible from a distance? This is one of those things you should really take into consideration. -Avoid stretching fonts to fill your design space. Use the appropriate font for the appropriate purpose.

Keep your colors minimal. You don't want to scare people away with too much colours popping out from here and there. Keep colors withing the range of 2 to 4.

Too much colours disrupts the eyes and this would lead to loss of Message. Most people have difficulty with colours, do well to reduce their problem by using minimal or few colours. Avoid creating distractions.

Here is where using your initiative and skills come in. Combine your imagination with your skills by marrying how you want your banner to look to your software.

It is the aim of every banner to serve the purpose it was intended for -do your best to convey the right message for the right purpose.

There you have it... apply this tips to your banner designs and see it work out for you. Feel free to ask any questions. Finding trouble designing a standard banner? I would be more than welcome to answer your questions through the comment box.