Simple eBook cover on gardening

Who loves gardening? Here is an eBook cover i designed for a well written guide on gardening. Having your own garden his now made easy and properly detailed in this eBook.
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Couples night of art and laughter 2017

It's dropping heavily in the city of Makurdi, Benue state. You are probably wondering what it is... it's hot, that's what it is.
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Photo manipulation, cyborg effect

My first photo manipulation... Oops! Surprised? I know, me too. I though i should create a cyborg of myself, update my display picture on social media.
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My submission for the tourism brand identity, Amazing Akwa Ibom

Take a look at my submission for the tourism brand identity, Amazing Akwa Ibom. I entered the competition as soon as i got the news about it. Actually this is my first ever competition as a Graphics designer. I hope to use this as a stepping stone to greater achievements and opportunities.
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Cartoon art for Doluwamu Kehinde

Here is a cartoon art for a very good fan of Ehroo... Saying a very big thank you to Doluwamu Kehinde for having my back.
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Download The Anthem by Elsammy

Are there Champions in the house? Are there Kings and Queens in the house? Lift your voice and say oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!!! Ladies and gentlemen I'm on my LEAPING mood ooooooh!
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