My submission for the tourism brand identity, Amazing Akwa Ibom

Take a look at my submission for the tourism brand identity, Amazing Akwa Ibom. I entered the competition as soon as i got the news about it. Actually this is my first ever competition as a Graphics designer. I hope to use this as a stepping stone to greater achievements and opportunities.

Concept behind my logo for “Amazing Akwa Ibom"
The logo centers around the beauty in her culture and the fertility of the land; Akwa Ibom, as a whole.

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The Culture of Akwa Ibom is illustrated in a dancing lady with the colors of Akwa Ibom (Orange) incorporated into the cultural attire.

Akwa Ibom amongst other states is highly blessed with the most network of roads in the whole of South South. Has the highest number of Polytechnics for any Nigerian state, international Airport and a deep seaport etc...

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Fertility in this picture is represented with a landmark surrounded with green fertile land to show how productive Akwa Ibom truly is.

That's it... Keep your fingers crossed and praying for me. Thanks.