Download Adore You by Lighterz

Adore you is a new release to the Lighterz collection of ministerial worship. The spirit behind adore you is one with a heart full of worship to God, recognizing his Lordship over all creation. Download, listen, share and be blessed.

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Verse 1:
Oceans roar to say we love you
Mountains bow to say we adore you
Hearts are crying out, we love you

And i, adore you
And i, adore you
And i, adore you
And i, adore you 

Its been God we’ve been walking on this road
Narrow is the way but he’s been making us to be bold
Ancient of days wey no dey ever old
And he is the reason that we are declaring his glory to the whole world
My bible tells me that we are righteous, in Christ so we are not self-conscious
Unfailing love for us we’re his precious
The Holy Spirit now dwelling in us, we doing exploits
We live by the word cos we ain’t of the world, we don’t explore
Christ in us is the hope of glory, we going from glory to glory
Check in my life you can see his glory, it is not a story
As for me
I’ve chosen to serve this God
I’m counting my blessings my cup over flowing i tell you mehn i have never been bored
I don’t bother of tomorrow cos He’s a wonder, He’s the one that secures it so i just ponder
On the God of everything
When i’m sick he is my medicine
Loves us so we aint not perishing
I see the future mehn it’s ever green
Oh my God of everything

Verse 2:
Beauty shines around your Glory
Kingdoms bow to say you are worthy
Creations testify of your goodness

Reapeat chorus till end

Credit goes to Faith Foluke, Okoh (Mrs), Ode Joseph, and Echo Clay for their support and encouragement.

Music art design by Ehroo