Falling - Photo manipulation

This is why I have struggled to take a giant leap, the reason my I've grown wings, the reason why I learnt how to fly... They pushed me!
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Logo design for ConDigital

Here is a brand new dish i prepared, straight from the kitchen #Lol. I was having butterflies in my tummy while designing this one -and through it all, the process was fun.
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7 keys to unlocking creativity

Yes, I hear people say they are not as creative as you are, so they see you as a superhuman of some sort. I've seen creativity being mocked, appreciated and other times misused. But the thing is that, there is a piece of creativity in us that is waiting to be harnessed.
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Creative logo design for Solace concepts

Unveiling the design for Solace Concepts, I am happy to say it is a job well done. I give all kudos to creativity and Ehroo. #Lols.
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I am a superhuman - creative photo manipulation

Someone saw this and said Harry Potter just re-incarnated into Ehroo. #Lol. But seriously, i'm not a wizard and I don't do broomsticks and spells.
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Logo creation for a movie website

Who loves movies? I do... Buh I don't know about you. I love epic and adventure movies. Okay look at this; Movies 97%, Football 3%. Don't stone me please.
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