7 keys to unlocking creativity

Yes, I hear people say they are not as creative as you are, so they see you as a superhuman of some sort. I've seen creativity being mocked, appreciated and other times misused. But the thing is that, there is a piece of creativity in us that is waiting to be harnessed.
What Does it Mean to Be Creative?
Being creative is all about thinking out of the box. Doing something very exception. It involves leaving the four walls of your mind and letting your imagination do most of the thinking, create an idea from the imagination and build something that ordinarily your own self cannot expect from you.

But the key lies within. The moment you can use them, you'll stop feeling like a failure. I should probably just hand you a key holder, but lets proceed... To annex your creativity, you need to:

Figure out how
The first step to being creative is to have the consciousness that your brain is not empty. Be proud of that big brain of yours. You have a lot to offer than just emptiness. When you figure this out and come to this realization, you are one step towards unlocking the treasure chest to your mind.

Draw out a process
Drawing up a plan will give you a breakdown of what you want to achieve. Same as in graphic designing; you have to do a rough sketch, conceptualize and work towards achieving it. Plan your work from all angles.

Be true to yourself
Feel free to be yourself. Everyone has different pattern of reasoning. Our imagination works differently, so embrace it. If you end up copying someone else's style, chances are you are buying someone's idea and when your cash runs out you'll be stranded.

Expect to fail
Yes, that's right... Don't expect to get it right the first time. It's not against the law of creativity that your first attempt must be perfect. When you have serious doubt about if something will work, it shows in your efforts. So try again!

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Don't misquote me, expect to do a good job. But don't rely on your first attempt. Try modifications. Don't settle for the first. Seek other options. The best will come out.

You have the audacity to be creative
Let no one get to you by turning down your efforts. Use it as a stepping stone to creating more ideas, more opportunities and more output. See turndowns as motivation. I had a lot of people condemn my designs when I started, but I didn't let it get to me. I just believed I have the right to be creative.

Increase the challenge of your project
Try something you've never tried before. Take up challenges. I remember my early days of doing graphics, i would say "yes, i can design it" to every job that came, even when i knew I've not done anything related to it. 

After taking up such challenge, do your research. Remember, you just place your neck on a guillotine. So, do what you must in other not to lose your head.

Forget the goal and look for the fun
Your head would definitely have a creative block from too much thinking. It is best to take some time out, rest and catch fun. Have regular meetings that are not work related. Catching fun promotes exploration, in such a way that your mind is off work and open to new ideas.

Final key: your mind is never empty, your imagination plays like drums, so there is always inspiration to be drawn, even from your precious works. So never relent, keep unlocking those doors.