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Download Saviour By X-Rhymes

Prior to his birthday on the 3rd of November, 2019, X-Ryhmes drops a new single to appreciate God for life, faithfulness and safety. Download Saviour by X-Rymes below:
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An Introduction to John Burgin's Art, Frogboy

I'm a lover of good art, most especially good comic-art. And today, John Burgin brings to you a spontaneous and dramatic ink on paper in a whole new style. If you're seeing or reading this, then the cosmic energy must have brought you here #Lol. Continue reading to find out more... 
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Arts of Precious Phungi Juba

It's amazing how much talent Africans possess. I look around and I see people with extra-ordinary gifts, abilities and strong will. Today i bring to you, a talented young man, all the way from the southern part of Africa.
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Why You Should Pray For Nigeria

I will start by saying this, "the thunder that will fire those that are sitting on Nigeria's progress is doing push-ups, gathering momentum and waiting for the right time to strike". Their level of selfishness demands a 2 weeks crusade. 
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Arts of Chijioke Anyacho | Ball Pen Painting

Ordinary twenty naira biro, ordinary Leo Smart biro of NGN20 did this magic! For the love of my childhood! I mean, I remember those days I suck out my biro ink for fun. But here is someone doing something creative with ordinary biro most of us use for "Centre pole".
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Arts of Oresegun Olumide

Oh my God! - For the love of Gala and Lacasera... I want you to meet Oresegun Olumide, the young artist who shook the world with his painting. I couldn't help but scream "blood of Jeeeez" on seeing these paintings.
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Curated Art of Kpuri - Featured [Ubiomo Ogheneroh]

If you're reading this, it means you love exploring creative people as much as i do. This is an interview with "bad-ass" graphic artist/designer. I know you'll find this talented young man interesting, as i do. So adjust you reading glasses, grab a might bowl of pop-corn and continue reading...
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Featured: Random Art Collection From Around The World

If there is something i'm obsessed on this planet earth, IT'S ART! I find every piece  gorgeous and "highly-romantic" to my sight #Lol.

During the week, i have spent much time on the internet appreciating the beautiful artworks of different artists around the world. These are the best among my findings... They might be simple, but yet beautiful and creative.
Here is my collection...

"Courage The Cowardly Dog!" by Wafa, a 19 years old Saudi Arabian. Twitter: @wchoshi123, IG: @wfoo777

This art is based on a cartoon character, "Courage". What i find interesting is the creativity behind the art. The scared dog and the flames.

"Venom vs Spidey" by IG: @kerbyrosanes a.k.a Sketchy Stories an illustrator based in Manila.

This dripping portrait shows the porpular Marvel comic characters, Spiderman and Venom.

Aaaaaawww! Spongebob couldn't make it out on the streets or perhaps he was road killed. Artist Unknown.

"C O C A  C O L A" by @stephenward_art an artist based in Gold Coast, AUS.

The 3D effect on this art got my eyes drooling with paint. It look so real and realistic.

"Cute Baby Bat" @r4x4j a cartoonist from India.

This artist painted a baby bat and added the green leaves as a finishing touch. Freaking gorgeous!

"Paper Arts" by @paperboyo. This artist is a photographer that takes photos with papers ans sometimes without. email:

More photos/arts from Paperboyo below...

These artists are taking arts to a whole new level. There are many other incredible and creative artists out there. Keep in touch as i will be exploring them, "one-by-each" #Lol.
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Line Art For The Founder of Income Splash

If you're seeing this, then you're seeing it well. This is a line art for Samuel Adeyinka, founder of
Before you continue, check out the link below

This design took about 4 hours for completion. Real copy of the art below

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WELL DONE: Cartooned Art For Me

Yeeeeeeeeeeeees! You know i love me so much, see how handsome i look in my new art. Gorgeous and cute-looking. Anyways, i made this for self promotion. A man has to advertise his potential every now and then, its good for business.

This design took approximately two and half hours to be completed. No much challenge except that i was trying to select the best suit and shoes to go with the colour of my eyes. #Lol

Now, someone said i look dressed for a dinner party. Thank you. I was actually dressed for a date and the sight of the pretty lady made me strike that pose.

Hopefully, for those wanting a tutorial on how to create line arts or how to cartoon yourself, i am working on that. I'll have that soon.

Another peep at the image, focus on the handsome dude. You love me? Aaaaaaaaaaw! I love me tooooooo!
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Happy Independence, Nigeria at 55

A happy independence day to all Nigerians, as we celebrate Nigeria at 55, today 1st October 2015. #DrumRoooooooooll.

Its been a long time coming but thanks to God for another year added in unity and strength. You might think the nation us not where its suppose to be, but see, we are nit where we use to be. We're moving forward.
Cold-chill ran down my spine as the game of 2015 presidential election played, i pictured a Nigeria in war and anarchy. But the finals proved beyond doubt that there's nothing more life can throw at us that we can't control or survive in.

I know most people will say, "Nigeria is a failure". But we believe in Nigeria. As long as those who believe, remains loyal to the nation, progress will take its due course.

I'm here smiling and saying in The President's voice... "Afi baiday my fiful!" I'll just seat down here, enjoy my groundnut and avoid eye contact.
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Line Art for Miriam - IG: @mz_claire

This is a good one, Line art for Miriam a.k.a @mz_claire. Thought of doong something nice to make a friend smile. She actually did smile. Literally!

It was very unsual, yea. I had lots of challenges putting this together. Weird to a hear a graphic designer say that right? #Lol, lets face it... we designers aint magicians.

I spent approximately 3hours and 30minutes on this one. Mostly trying to make the hair realistic and match the skin tone, since the person in the picture is undoubtably dark and lovely. Miriam!!! i think she heard me, you can add her on instagram @mz_claire.

Original photo used for the art (above). You can feed your eyes and compare both. Do well to drop a comment.
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Cartooned Art For The CEO Of Ehroo

Cartooned caricature art for the CEO-Ehroo... I must say, this big head dude sure looks exactly like me.

I needed something to brand myself for my online activities, and i came up with this.

This design much time, as much as 3hrs before arriving at the final design.

I got a lot of comments and messages regarding how good i look in this art, especially my big head #Lol

Keep in touch for more designs...

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