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Promotional Designs For TMB Fumigation and Disinfection Services

Check out our designs for TMB fumigation and disinfection services... 

Have you disinfected and fumigated your school, homes and offices yet? 

As you wind down for the weekend, is your home pest, rodent, ant or mosquito free? 

Rat prevention tips... 

Keep foodstuffs in metal or plastic containers with tight fitting lids. 

Keep your rooms and premises tidy. Less clutter means less places to hide. 

Put outdoor rubbish bags in metal bins with securely fitted lids to stop them feeding from contents. 

Do not leave uneaten food outside or around the premises. Clear up immediately after get together. 

Worried about rats? Act quickly to control level of infestation of rats if noticed. Reduce the health risks posed by this rodent. Take practical steps NOW to proof your home or business premises and prevent rat infestation. 

TMB Monday Motivation with TMB Disinfection and Fumigation Services. "Do It Afraid".

Looking for an efficient Fumigation and Disinfection Service Company in Nigeria?Call TMB Fumigations and Disinfection Services at: 2349099660450, 2347010101969

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Promotional Designs For Jubizon Logistics

Check out our designs for Jubizon Logistics Company.
First design for the month of August... "We just want you to calm down, let's handle your procurement for you".

Think procurement and Yuan Exchange, think Jubizon Logistics

Looking for ways to solve your China procurement problems? JUBIZON LOGISTICS got you covered! 

3RMB flat rate per link for all procurement services 

Use Jubizon Logistics as your procurement and Yuan exchanger hotline 

Don't get into an entanglement with poor procurement service and Yuan exchanger. 

For enquiry on Jubizon Logistics, call/WhatsApp: +234-9041581347

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Logo and Banner For Boltpay

Logo and banner design for BoltPay. Boltpay is a business built to enhance p2p payment for other small business with low transaction fees and inbuilt payment solution for maximum performance.

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Banner design tips - designing attractive web banners

You will definitely have a need to create banners, social media covers or kit for self use or for a client.
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Simple roll-up banner design

One thing i love about my job is seeing my printed designs. It gives me joy, i learn more, and i can easily refer to my work.
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Campaign against bad breath - Causes and Prevention [Infographic]

Here is an infographic campaign against bad breath. This Infographic shows the causes and prevention of bad breath.
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Error 404 Page Design

As a Web Programmer, the all-important 404 page is a necessity. It is a responsive page telling the user that they've clicked on a broken link.
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Banner Design For Teeth Whitening Session

I was on a date with my PC on graphics street. We had fun manipulating pixels, combining shapes, and mixing colours #Lol. But in all it was fun, and this designed banner is the outcome of my date.
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