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Packaging Design for Alcohol Cleanser, Diabetes Solution, Smokers Detox

Packaging design ©2021

Check out our packaging design for Alcohol cleanser, Smokers revive, Diabetes solution and smokers detox. 

Healthy life Diabetes Solution. 100% herbal. 

Original heerbal detox for smokers. 100% Natural anti-oxidant for healthier and stronger lungs of smokers. 

Need professional packaging design? 
Contact us using our message form. 
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Packaging Design For Goldmill Cereal

Here is a packaging design i made for Goldmill Cereal. Complete packaging design and ready for print.

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Creative logo design for event planning

Logo design carefully crafted for CY Praise events. An agency that covers your you and give you a stress free event.

I enjoyed myself doing this one. Most especially the part of the logo. The business card is another spice. Time was taken to make sure the design fits the brand.

Take a look, let's know what you have to say through the comment box.
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Creative logo and label for Q-Buckles

I had mad fun working on this brand... Q-buckles; these buckles are often used, for example, in the backpacks. The theme of camping is made good with this product.
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Creative logo design for Cast Nigeria

If the Lord brought you to this blog through this post, you came and refused to scroll down... my brother, my sister! How will you make Heaven?
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Creative branding design for ADK Consulting

Here is a set of branded materials for ADK Consulting. Take a look at them, i hope you will like them. This is actually my first mockup design. Surprised?!
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Have You Seen The New Guinness Logo?

Are you sure you've seen or noticed the New Guinness Logo? Well to all lovers of beer, most especially, those who patronize the Guiness brand. I am pleased to inform you of a recent development on the new look of Guinness Logo.
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Would You Rock This Shirt?

"Dem no dey tell person say, soup wey sweet na money kill am" those words have been long overused. buh, i know you stumbled on this post and you are wondering what this is... continue reading, you'll soon get the gist.
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The New Premier League Logo

Earlier this week, Premier League published the rebrand of it's logo designed by DesignStudio. Gather round soccer lovers, check out this new logo...
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Income Splash: Logo Design

Income Splash, Haven of Digital Marketing Strategies... Yeah! you read correctly.

This is my just-concluded project. Worked on this days, brainstorming and trying to come up with something new.

Continue reading to see the design brief...

Logo Brief. Income Splash had a redesign of its website and needed a rebrand/redesign of its logo.

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The design process is a very tricky one. I wanted something different from the normal splash icon used in the old logo. The "IN" in "Income" would do better.

old logo
It took some time to come up with a logo concept that will stand out among the normal trend of this niche. It took about 2 hours to actualize the sketch/idea and trying to bring it to life.

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The sketch evolved into this new logo, resized for web and adapts well to color changes and any background.

Resized for web

Leave a comment. What do you think about this logo?
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Fiverr - Professional Graphic design Services

Fiverr is one of the largest online marketplace for all kinds of services starting at $5. You'll get services ranging from Graphic design, online marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, advertising, business and many more.

Continue reading and you'll find out more...

Introducing to you my services listed on the Fiverr market. Take a moment to check them out... you might eventually need any of the service.

Get a professional logo design from a professional logo designer at an affordable price.

In this service you'll get: a professional logo in JPG and transparent PNG formats, revisions/modifications, maximum satisfaction, NO CLIP ARTS, and 100% money back guarantee. What are you waiting for? follow this to view and order

Are you a writer? Do you need to publish a book? Do you need a book cover, be it an eBook or hard-copy? This gig will give you what you're looking for.

What you get from this service include: An attractive and attention grabbing book cover for Kindle, Amazon, or for print, maximum satisfaction, revisions/modifications, 100% money back guarantee. Hit the link below to view and order

Are you seeking to expand your brand awareness online? Do you need to advertise your product online? Grab this opportunity and get banners of your desired sizes to run your ad campaign.

In this service you'll get: Simple and attention grabbing banners to give your business/product the best ad representation, maximum satisfaction, revisions/modification, 100% money back guarantee. Follow link below to view and order.

Grab this golden opportunity, have your graphic projects designed by a professional graphic designer. HIRE ME!
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Have You Seen The New Google Logo?

Have you seen the new Google logo? As of the last few days Google release its new modification on its identity. Google is one of the leading web in the 21st century and meeting up to its identity is top priority.

Google has come up with modifications of its logo over the years. Personally, i prefer the new one to the previous one. The first logo below was Google's previous identity. You can see the difference between the previous and the current logo, the second one.

Most people will not find this new modification worthy to stand as a new identity for Google because the logo is not "shouting" and all that. But i love the simplicity of this logo, though it retained its initial colors, nevertheless it stands out!

The Favicon is not left out, i love the new "G" than the old "g". It also combines all from the main logo.

I'm sure the logo designers have a very good reason for the new design... up to you all now, what's your take on the new logo?
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