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Cartoon art for Doluwamu Kehinde

Here is a cartoon art for a very good fan of Ehroo... Saying a very big thank you to Doluwamu Kehinde for having my back.
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Simple eBook cover design on Divorce issues

Creative eBook cover on  "Divorce topics" written by William Thacker, covers designed by me; a.k.a Ehroo!
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See Buhari As The New Johnnie Walker

Please, in the name of Nigeria! We need God to locate this country, possibly this year. But, how can he when our "agent of change" maintains different location? #Shebi?
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Open Letter From Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

My fellow Nigerians and neighbouring African countries, I come to you today humbly as the former president of this great nation... I come to you as a once casted and rejected stone, abused and... #Wait!
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Chains or Change? - Ben Murray Bruce

I woke up this morning to a tweet that cracked me up. I couldn't stop laugh but had to make something of it.
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WELL DONE: Cartooned Art For Me

Yeeeeeeeeeeeees! You know i love me so much, see how handsome i look in my new art. Gorgeous and cute-looking. Anyways, i made this for self promotion. A man has to advertise his potential every now and then, its good for business.

This design took approximately two and half hours to be completed. No much challenge except that i was trying to select the best suit and shoes to go with the colour of my eyes. #Lol

Now, someone said i look dressed for a dinner party. Thank you. I was actually dressed for a date and the sight of the pretty lady made me strike that pose.

Hopefully, for those wanting a tutorial on how to create line arts or how to cartoon yourself, i am working on that. I'll have that soon.

Another peep at the image, focus on the handsome dude. You love me? Aaaaaaaaaaw! I love me tooooooo!
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