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eBook/Book cover design; Create your best body

Create your best body. Build the body you would love.
This ebook contains all the tips needed to help you build your body with smoothie and fruits.

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Creative eBook cover design on technical analysis

Technical Analysis by Nicolas Duran is an eBook carefully writing for every investor and trader. Whether you invest or trade in stocks, forex or even mutual funds. You will have the opportunity to learn about price movement and Technical Analysis.
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Creative eBook cover for MUA millions

eBook cover design for MUA millions showing how to travel the world, live likw a queen, be more respectable in your MUA business.
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Simple eBook cover on gardening

Who loves gardening? Here is an eBook cover i designed for a well written guide on gardening. Having your own garden his now made easy and properly detailed in this eBook.
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Simple eBook cover design on Divorce issues

Creative eBook cover on  "Divorce topics" written by William Thacker, covers designed by me; a.k.a Ehroo!
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Book cover design for bodybuilding

Book cover design for bodybuilding featuring "Bodybuilding Heroes and Legends", vol 1 by John Hansen. The project involved designing a cover page, spine and back page for the book.
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Become a Millionaire - The Role Playing Game [Book Cover Design]

Take a look at this... What do you see? I felt so much energy doing this one,  and I hope you feel the same going through this work. 

Thanks for popping in, #Ehroo says welcome... Here is a book cover design for a play. Continue reading and you'll know more about this design.

Brief. The book title is Become a Millionaire - The Role Playing Game: the medieval edition by Alex Samayoa. I'm thinking of an image of the character played in the book. The main character starts as a guard and goes through several battles and ends up getting knighted by the king. The purpose of the book is to be printed out and used as a cover on Amazon.

The author retains all rights as to the design of the book.

There you have it... what do you think?

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Fiverr - Professional Graphic design Services

Fiverr is one of the largest online marketplace for all kinds of services starting at $5. You'll get services ranging from Graphic design, online marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, advertising, business and many more.

Continue reading and you'll find out more...

Introducing to you my services listed on the Fiverr market. Take a moment to check them out... you might eventually need any of the service.

Get a professional logo design from a professional logo designer at an affordable price.

In this service you'll get: a professional logo in JPG and transparent PNG formats, revisions/modifications, maximum satisfaction, NO CLIP ARTS, and 100% money back guarantee. What are you waiting for? follow this to view and order

Are you a writer? Do you need to publish a book? Do you need a book cover, be it an eBook or hard-copy? This gig will give you what you're looking for.

What you get from this service include: An attractive and attention grabbing book cover for Kindle, Amazon, or for print, maximum satisfaction, revisions/modifications, 100% money back guarantee. Hit the link below to view and order

Are you seeking to expand your brand awareness online? Do you need to advertise your product online? Grab this opportunity and get banners of your desired sizes to run your ad campaign.

In this service you'll get: Simple and attention grabbing banners to give your business/product the best ad representation, maximum satisfaction, revisions/modification, 100% money back guarantee. Follow link below to view and order.

Grab this golden opportunity, have your graphic projects designed by a professional graphic designer. HIRE ME!
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eBook Cover Design For Gluten Free Recipes: Goodbye Grains

I love food! most especially pasteries, you can imagine that warm feeling inside you as you try to pour out your love for food graphically. See how much love for food i have? The design shows it, isn't it...?
Here is an eBook design for a book titled "Goodbye Grains", featuring 50 delicious gluten free recipes. #Yhuum!

The cover is to be used for online promotion and sale of the book content on Amazon. The dimension/size of the design conforms directly with Amazon requirement. The 3D version of the design is not needed by client. The design needed to look less official and look more homely and appealing to the book readers.

The client retains all rights to the design of this cover.

You need something like this? Don't wait too long... contact me now for your own design or order my service through a trusted third party site, HERE

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