Flyer Design for a Music Concert; Saints in Joyful Praise

Good day  to ya'll, a warm welcome from #Ehroo. Today I present to you this flyer design I made for my concert... "Saints in Joyful Praise". Yeah, am a music person actually. I can't hide from that at all.
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Logo Design for "theSavage"

theSalvage is a clothing brand headed by a young entrepreneur. I see this brand as the next "African Versace". Located at Benue state, Nigeria, I see theSalvage competing with international companies.
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Logo Design For Connect+

According to the founder and brain behind Connect+, Samuel Adeyinka, "Connect+ is a new initiative tailored towards bringing minds together under one roof to sensitize youths in FSS and general populace of how much to seize these opportunities and in the process attain there dreams, live a fulfilled life and make Nigeria a better place for all..."
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Logo Design for TechRibs

Here is a fresh logo design for, a blog dedicated to all round technology info. TechRibs is a fortress for all tech geeks and lovers.

That's it...

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Logo Design for Perssons Kok and Bar

Logo design for Persons Kok & Bar... 

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Logo Design for Informania

Breaking News: Here's a logo design for Informania. A blog dedicated to news, entertainment, etc.
I have taken time to analyse the blog template and came up with this design.

I associated this design with the characteristics and nature of a parrot.

There you have it... take a moment to view the design process below. you are free to feed your eyes.

Now its up to you... what fo you think about the logo?

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Email Signature Design for Keller Williams Reality

An email signature is very important tool in intenet marketing. They contain some info about your business, add beauty to your emails and makes you look professional.

Check this out...

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Flyer Design For FECA

Howdy! Here's a flyer design for FECA, Federation of Colleges Ex-students' Christian Association. It's a flyer for a Xmas Carol Experience.
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Maximizing Your Potentials - New Anointing Chapel

Flyer design for a youth program at New Anointing Chapel, City of God. Themed: Maximizing Your Potentials...
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Become a Millionaire - The Role Playing Game [Book Cover Design]

Take a look at this... What do you see? I felt so much energy doing this one,  and I hope you feel the same going through this work. 

Thanks for popping in, #Ehroo says welcome... Here is a book cover design for a play. Continue reading and you'll know more about this design.

Brief. The book title is Become a Millionaire - The Role Playing Game: the medieval edition by Alex Samayoa. I'm thinking of an image of the character played in the book. The main character starts as a guard and goes through several battles and ends up getting knighted by the king. The purpose of the book is to be printed out and used as a cover on Amazon.

The author retains all rights as to the design of the book.

There you have it... what do you think?

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Flyer Design For a Campus-Fellowship Event

Flyer design for a campus event. Officially designed by Ehroo. You're all invited, save the date, mark your calenders, and drag your friends along.

Campus Aflame Fellowship (CAFel) introduces, Show Me What You've Got! -Carol Service, this December 20th.

Be there... and seriously drag your friends along or i'll personally bounce you out right from the gate! #Lol

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Income Splash: Logo Design

Income Splash, Haven of Digital Marketing Strategies... Yeah! you read correctly.

This is my just-concluded project. Worked on this days, brainstorming and trying to come up with something new.

Continue reading to see the design brief...

Logo Brief. Income Splash had a redesign of its website and needed a rebrand/redesign of its logo.

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The design process is a very tricky one. I wanted something different from the normal splash icon used in the old logo. The "IN" in "Income" would do better.

old logo
It took some time to come up with a logo concept that will stand out among the normal trend of this niche. It took about 2 hours to actualize the sketch/idea and trying to bring it to life.

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The sketch evolved into this new logo, resized for web and adapts well to color changes and any background.

Resized for web

Leave a comment. What do you think about this logo?
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Featured: Random Art Collection From Around The World

If there is something i'm obsessed on this planet earth, IT'S ART! I find every piece  gorgeous and "highly-romantic" to my sight #Lol.

During the week, i have spent much time on the internet appreciating the beautiful artworks of different artists around the world. These are the best among my findings... They might be simple, but yet beautiful and creative.
Here is my collection...

"Courage The Cowardly Dog!" by Wafa, a 19 years old Saudi Arabian. Twitter: @wchoshi123, IG: @wfoo777

This art is based on a cartoon character, "Courage". What i find interesting is the creativity behind the art. The scared dog and the flames.

"Venom vs Spidey" by IG: @kerbyrosanes a.k.a Sketchy Stories an illustrator based in Manila.

This dripping portrait shows the porpular Marvel comic characters, Spiderman and Venom.

Aaaaaawww! Spongebob couldn't make it out on the streets or perhaps he was road killed. Artist Unknown.

"C O C A  C O L A" by @stephenward_art an artist based in Gold Coast, AUS.

The 3D effect on this art got my eyes drooling with paint. It look so real and realistic.

"Cute Baby Bat" @r4x4j a cartoonist from India.

This artist painted a baby bat and added the green leaves as a finishing touch. Freaking gorgeous!

"Paper Arts" by @paperboyo. This artist is a photographer that takes photos with papers ans sometimes without. email:

More photos/arts from Paperboyo below...

These artists are taking arts to a whole new level. There are many other incredible and creative artists out there. Keep in touch as i will be exploring them, "one-by-each" #Lol.
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8 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

Do you know what creativity means, Do you believe in it?

Your level of creative thinking, whether big or small, is what differentiates you from another person. If you need to be creative, doing the same old thing over and over again is just not it. You'll end up where you started.

Continue reading this and you'll see some amazing ways you can increase your creative thinking.

Build Your Confidence. This is the first characteristics you need to have as someone who is creative. Think like an expert. Be confident enough to talk aboit what you know. Be confident enough to represent what you're good at.

Be willing To Take Risks. Take decisions more often and seriously. Remember, "indescision is a decision", it's a descision to failure. Take risks, take descisions, they may not work out at first but you'll be increasing your creativity.

Find Your Source of Inspiration. You have to find your source of inspiration. Some people get theirs from people, music, art, past experiences etc. When you find yours, you will be able to switch to your creativity on demand.

Eliminate Your Fear Of Failure. In order to succeed you need to engage yourself in things that doesn't work first. You don't from yhings that didn't work, you learn from the mistakes. So see failure as an opportunity to exploring new things differently.

Brainstorm For New Ideas. Learn to think of new ideas, new solutions to problems and stop limiting yourself to what you know. Brainstorm, write them down and see better ways to apply them in your field. By doing this you'll be creating a different approach to solving a problem. Remember, "there are many ways to skin a cat".

Gather Experiences. Gather experiences from your environment, learn from others in the same field as you are. Then, come up with your own ideas. Craft a style for yourself, and "voila", your creativity is gradually on the increase.

Satisfy Your Curiosity. Give yourself the opportunity of exploring new things. Feed your curiosity and clear them. This will go a long way to helping you grow in your creativity.

Be In a Good Mood. Always have every reason to smile. Studies shows that you can think better when your emotions are lifted. This will give you a better condition to think out of the box.

These are the 8 ways to build what is inside of you. Remember... you are creative! you just need to be more creative.

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